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Pravcicka Gate / ©
Pravcicka Gate / ©
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10 Truly Breathtaking Photos of the Czech Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Picture of Diana Bocco
Updated: 8 June 2017
The Bohemian Switzerland national park is located in the north of the Czech Republic, adjacent to Germany’s Saxon Switzerland National Park. Famous for its sandstone formations and its breathtaking views, visitors to the park can hike, bike, canoe and even get lost inside rock labyrinths.

There’s no bad time to visit the park, as each season has its own magic to offer. From beautiful autumn colours to a magical winter wonderland, there is always something special to see.

Drone view into the Wild gorge | ©
Drone view into the Wild Gorge | ©

The Elbe Canyon is the biggest sandstone canyon in Europe.

Elbe Canyon |©
Elbe Canyon | ©

Pravcicka Gate, made of sandstone, is the biggest natural arch in Europe. If the place looks familiar, it’s because several scenes for the movie Chronicles of Narnia were filmed here.

Pravcicka Gate |©
Pravcicka Gate | ©

Adventure travelers who are brave enough to trek through a national park in winter will be treated to truly stunning snowy landscapes.

Pravcicka Gate in winter |©
Pravcicka Gate in winter | ©
The land of Narnia |©
The land of Narnia | ©

Bohemian Switzerland is a popular destination for hikers, especially during the fall, when the park transforms into a colorful wonderland.

Autumn colors in the park / ©
Autumn vista | ©
Bohemian is particularly magical in the autumn |©
Bohemian Switzerland is particularly magical in the autumn | ©

The gorges on the Kamenice River are rocky river stretches that flow through Bohemian Switzerland and eventually open up into the Elbe Canyon. The thin but deep gorges are favorites among boaters, who can take a dinghy for a short ride on the calm waters.

Entrance to the Wild gorge / ©
Entrance to the Wild gorge / | ©

There are many lookout towers throughout the park, many of which are still reachable during winter.

Fairytale winter in the park / ©
Fairytale winter in the park | ©