10 Things to See and Do on Kampa Island, Prague

Swans in Kampa|© Shutterstock / Kentavr76
Swans in Kampa|© Shutterstock / Kentavr76
Photo of Diana Bocco
24 May 2017

Recently voted one of the most beautiful city islands in the world, Kampa is located in the Malá Strana (the Lesser Town) neighborhood of Prague. Head here for great views, some incredible art, and a few surprises.

Museum Kampa

Museum, Theater
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One of Prague’s most unique museums, Museum Kampa is dedicated to modern European art. The museum houses a significant collection of works by František Kupka and by Otto Gutfreund, one of the country’s most renowned sculptors. In addition to paintings, expect huge red dogs, a giant chair over the river, and other very unique displays. Some of the largest, best sculptures are outside, in the garden; the inside of the museum is dedicated to paintings and smaller objects.

Lennon Wall

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Crowds gather at the John Lennon Wall
© K.D. Leperi / Alamy Stock Photo
As the name suggests, the Lennon wall is a wall dedicated to the famous Beatles’ singer. The wall was never officially designated as such – instead, people started inscribing lyrics, graffiti, and peace messages on it, and its popularity soon exploded. Sadly, none of the original 1980s wall art remains, as the wall has been repainted and then recovered in new graffiti several times over the years. The wall technically belongs to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which allows the art to remain and doesn’t discourage visitors. Every year on the anniversary of Lennon’s death (December 8) people bring candles and flowers.

Werich Villa

Czech actor and writer Jan Werich lived on this 17th-century mansion for 40 years until his death in 1980. Known as the Warich Villa, the mansion was seriously damaged during the Prague floods in 2002 and had remained empty until 2015. Although still closed to the public (so you can only get a glimpse of its beautiful white walls as they undergo restoration work), the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation is working to convert the mansion into a museum and cultural center in years to come.

Picture of the Virgin Mary near the bridge

Right next to the bridge, you’ll see a house with a wrought iron balcony and a very obvious painting of the Virgin Mary hanging for everybody to see. The owner of this private home says he found the picture floating on the canal during a major flood. As soon as he fished it out of the water – legend goes – the tide immediately turned and the house and most of the island were saved from flooding. Truth or not, the image still hangs on the balcony as a symbol of good luck.

Devil’s Stream

The canal that runs under Charles Bridge and through Kampa is known as Devil’s Stream. While you can’t walk alongside the canal, boat tours will take you along it so you can snap pictures of the old houses – many of which are former mills – flanking it.

Devil’s Stream | © Frantic 00 / Shutterstock

Grand Priory Mill Wheel

Only two wheels remain on Devil’s Stream, the reminder of an era gone by, when locals used the power of the water to power up their homes and businesses. The Grand Priory Mill wheel is the most impressive, with a diameter of over seven meters. Often turning, even in winter, the wheel sits right across from a café, where you can grab a cold beer for great views and a cool breeze.

Lichtenstein Palace

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Although the original building dates back to the 16th century, the Palace has been reconstructed many times. The last restoration was in the 1980s to correct damage caused by parts of the building always in contact with water. Currently owned by the Government of the Czech Republic, the Palace houses several luxury apartments and often hosts classical music concerts.

Yellow Penguins

The yellow penguins by the Cracking Art Group made an appearance on a metal beam over the Vltava River in late 2016. Technically a part of an exhibition by the Museum Kampa, they light up at night.

Yellow penguins near Kampa Museum | ©Alasdair Mckenzie / Flickr

Views of the Charles Bridge

The 14th-century Charles Bridge lies across the river, beyond the yellow penguins. From Kampa Island, you also get great views of the Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, perfect for a romantic photo next to the water, especially at night.

Sunrise in Prague | © Vitaly Titov / Shutterstock

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