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View of Charles Bridge | © A.Savin/WikiCommons
View of Charles Bridge | © A.Savin/WikiCommons
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10 Stunning Masterpieces You Can Only Find in Prague

Picture of Diana Bocco
Updated: 27 June 2017
Whatever the time of year, a trip to Prague is the ideal opportunity to take in its many architectural marvels, both new and old. Whether visiting, shopping, or simply exploring the capital of the Czech Republic, keep your eyes open for these incredible pieces.
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Dancing House

Nicknamed ‘Fred and Ginger’ in reference to the famous US dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the Dancing House is built in the deconstructivist style. The structure is made up of two buildings that seem to be dancing with each other: one of the buildings is a curved glass tower, while the other one is a wavy cement structure full of little windows. While the buildings mostly hold private offices, there’s a restaurant with a viewing platform on the roof.

Jiráskovo nám. 1981/6, Praha 2-Nové Město, Czech Republic

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Schwarzenberg Palace

Located very close to Prague Castle, this Renaissance palace now houses part of the collection of the National Gallery. Built in the 16th century, the palace is best known for its sgraffito decorations and the artisanal sundial located on one of the chimneys. Inside, the palace features impressive ceilings decorated with giant paintings on canvas that have been stretched over wood and now resemble delicate murals.

Hradčanské nám. 2, Praha 1, Czech Republic

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Žižkov Television Tower

The Žižkov Television Tower might not be a work of art in itself, but Czech sculptor David Černý made sure it became one. Originally built in the 1980s, the 216-meter (709-feet) tower was much hated for its stark gray lines and double steel and concrete walls, which were seen to be a reminder of communist-era architecture the country was hoping to get away from. Then, in the year 2000, Černý installed 10 giant fiberglass sculptures of crawling babies on the tower. While the sculptures were meant to be a temporary display, they soon became a permanent fixture and made the tower a much-loved photo stop.

Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3, Czech Republic

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Prague Castle

Prague Castle is actually a complex composed of several buildings, including churches, palaces, and other structures. The first buildings within the complex were built in 870. The oldest structure still standing, however, is St. Vitus Cathedral, which was completed in 1344. The castle grounds are also home to the New Royal Palace, where the president resides, as well as the Romanesque Basilica of St. George, the Old Royal Palace, a number of halls and galleries, towers, gardens, and the historical Golden Lane street.

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Municipal House

The Municipal House is best known for being the location of the Smetana Hall, one of the most famous classical concert halls in the city. However, there’s a lot more to this building – while the beautiful Art Nouveau style of the place itself is worth a visit, it’s the mosaic mural and the stucco decorations that make passersby stop and stare. Inside, the building has impressive glass domes and a significant collection of art by beloved painter Alfons Mucha.

nám. Republiky 5, Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic

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Charles Bridge

The first stones used to build Charles Bridge were set down in the year 1357 under the watchful eye of King Charles IV. Until the 19th century, the bridge was the only connection between the two sides of the Vltava River, aside from boats. Guarded by three Gothic bridge towers and decorated with 30 Baroque statues, the pedestrian bridge is one of the most photographed sights in Prague.

Karlův most, Praha 1, Czech Republic

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Troja Chateau

One of the most impressive examples of late Baroque architecture in Europe, the chateau was actually used as a summer residence from the time it was built in 1678. Everything about the chateau screams grandeur: from its dark red tones to its marble staircase, to the vaulted stables that feature painted ceilings. Inside, the building has a number of stunning rooms, including the famous ‘Chinese chambers’ which feature exotic paintings and might have been used as display rooms in the past.

U Trojského zámku 4/1, Praha-Troja, Czech Republic

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Powder Gate

This Gothic tower is one of the original 13 gates that protected the Old Town from the 15th century onwards. The gate looks similar in style and design to the towers on Charles Bridge. Powder Gate has been known as such since the 17th century, when it was used to hold gunpowder.

nám. Republiky 5, Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic

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Church of Our Lady before Týn

One of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Prague, this church presides over Old Town Square. Construction began in the 14th century, although it would take over 200 years before the church began to resemble its current incarnation. The latest exterior renovation work took place in the 1970s, while minor interior renovation is still ongoing. The church is home to the oldest pipe organ in Prague.

Staroměstské nám., Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic

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Franciscan Gardens

Often considered the most beautiful formal gardens in Prague, the Franciscan Gardens are innocently hidden in the heart of New Town, near Wenceslas Square. The gardens are a favorite but well-guarded secret among those who stop by to sit on one of the benches, enjoy the roses, take a walk along the low yew hedges, or peek inside the nearby Church of Virgin Mary of the Snows.

Vodičkova 2108/39a, Praha 1-Nové Město, Czech Republic