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The Top 10 Things To Do and See In Paphos, Cyprus

The Top 10 Things To Do and See In Paphos, Cyprus

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Updated: 4 May 2017
The coastal town of Paphos is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Cyprus. Small wonder; it has a wonderful mix of beautiful beaches, lively towns and labyrinths of crumbling ancient ruins to explore. Here is a list of 10 essential things to do and see while you’re here.

Coral Bay

The popular tourist destination of Coral Bay lies north of the city of Paphos. This clean and picturesque stretch of coast became popular thanks to its white sandy beaches, lapped by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, for the more adventurous traveler, the bay is home to rocky headlands and sea caves, home to indigenous animals, flora and fauna. Whether you seek a day of relaxation, basking in the sun, or a first hand glance at Cyprus’ organic ecosystems, this is an essential stop.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park was listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, and houses a stunning array of historical ruins across Cypriot history. The ruins span from the Middle Ages to the Roman Empire and include the sun-bleached remains of buildings, still magnificent despite the passage of time, mosaics, murals and ancient statues. To see The House of Aion or The Ancient Odeon here is to see the remains of Cyprus’ noble past.

The Tombs of the Kings

Within the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, the Tombs of the Kings is a myriad of underground chambers, carved out of solid rock and supported by intricate Doric pillars. This is the last resting place of the high officials of Cyprus. Although no kings are actually buried here, the site is so beautiful that the name has fittingly stuck.

Paphos Castle

Cyprus has been occupied by the Romans, Ottomans, Ancient Greeks, the British, and used as a military base; and all have all left lasting impressions on the island. A key monument from its military past is Paphos Castle. It was first built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbor and has had many uses though history; a prison, a fortress, and the castle even stored salt during the British occupation.

Eagle Mountain Ranch

If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in the raw, unkempt beauty of the Cypriot landscape, then why not traverse the land on horseback? Rides with Eagle Mountain Ranch will take you past orchards, fields and around mountain panoramas, with dazzling views out to sea. All are led by expert guides.  The ranch also offers lessons to adults and children at every skill level.


TrySegway offer rides for all budgets and skill levels with guided tours led by people with plenty of local knowledge, facts, and even a myth/legend or two up their sleeve to spice up the world as you glide by it on these two-wheeled motorized scooters. The company only cater to smaller parties to ensure that every tour can cater to personal requests.

Cyprus Trysegway | Courtesy of Trysegway Paphos

Church of Ayia Kyriaki

As this is still a place of worship so only tourists who are respectfully attired will be allowed into the Church of Ayia Kyriaki. The church is set amid some of Cyprus’ majestic ruins; inside, the elegant paintings, mosaic floors and towering stone ceilings inspire an overwhelming sense of peace within the hushed space. Amazingly, the church still holds occasional private services.

Marine Divers

Explore the seas around Cyprus with Marine Divers, a British-owned scuba diving company. Guided tours will let you export sea caves, rock formations that mimic an amphitheater, and most incredibly, a real shipwreck. The Zenobia ferry sank on June 7th 1980 off the coast of Larnaca and now sits 42 meters beneath the waves for you to explore. As one of the world’s best wreck dives it is one for experienced divers only.

Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station

Cyprus is an island that is committed to the conservation of its indigenous animals. This beautiful unspoilt beach is a regular nesting ground for wild sea turtles, and guided tours from the station offer guests the chance to not only see wild hatchlings, but learn about conservation efforts in the area.

Paphos Wine Tours

Paphos Wine Tours will take you on a wine tasting journey, sampling the best that the island has to offer. The Cypriot wine industry dates back nearly 5000 years; on this tour expect to try not only local varieties of Xynisteri and Mavro, but Shiraz, Chardonnay and many world-renowned others. As well as tasting the wines, you can visit wineries and vineyards too.