The Best Late Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Limassol, Cyprus

Photo of Ayse Huseyin
17 October 2016

Many of those who travel to Cyprus quickly find themselves settling into the soothing lull of island life and thus the notion of brunch and late breakfasts quickly catch on. All over the island, new cafes are opening with each including irresistible breakfast and brunch items. Here is our list of essential stops for brunch and breakfast when you’re in Limassol.

Breakfast is served | Courtesy of Mia Delicy

Mia Delicy

Deli, Restaurant, Middle Eastern, $$$
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‘Quality, service and hospitality without compromise’ is what this restaurant proudly declares. Mia Delicy will only accept the best for their food at every stage of its preparation. From new and unique recipes, to sourcing and serving fresh, local produce you can be sure that your meal is prepared with love. They are guaranteed to put their customers first and cater to their every need. Their brunch and breakfast menu is incredibly extensive and is even available as a mobile app! They will undoubtedly become fast favorites with their breakfasts, soups, burgers, sides and much more!

La Maison Fleurie

Restaurant, French, Seafood, Dessert, $$$
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Fresh Seafood Served at La Maison Fleurie
Fresh Seafood Served at La Maison Fleurie | © dimitrisvetsikas1969/Pixabay
This restaurant’s indoor and outdoor dining facilities are ideal for a family with children or an all-adult party. The patio and fruit trees evoke a beautiful and calming ambiance that is perfect for enjoying a meal at any time of day. The brunch menu contains many fresh pastries and traditional brunch items such as the highly recommended quiche Lorraine. The restaurant’s crisp and light interior definitely paints a high quality picture of luxury French dining for you to enjoy again and again.

Cleopatra Lebanese Restaurant

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, Greek, Lebanese, $$$
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Cleopatra Lebanese Restaurant
Cleopatra Lebanese Restaurant | Courtesy of Cleopatra Lebanese Restaurant
This restaurant specializes in traditional Lebanese, Greek and Middle Eastern flavors and so you’ll be sure of aromatic and beautifully cooked food. The restaurant particularly specialises in meze dishes and so for those who like variety and flavourful food, look no further. Service is efficient and friendly and all food is delightfully fresh. This is a prime location for authentic dishes and a perfect way to start the day.


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One of Ousia’s many appeals is its excellent location. Diners can enjoy a view of Limassol castle situated just across the street and can bask in the majesty of Cypriot antiquity. It is also surrounded by beautiful artisan shops and close to the traditional Turkish bath and so is ideal for any traveler who wishes to experience true Turkish culture. Enjoy warm beverages, sandwiches, salads, well-seasoned meats, and sweet treats in this chic and classy restaurant.

Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant

Bar, Restaurant, Middle Eastern
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The experience offered at Sailor’s Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant is exclusive and luxurious enough to make it one of the most memorable experiences of your trip. The building is modern in design and spacious, with a simple, pale decor and a close attention to detail that creates a lavish environment to enjoy exquisite food. Whether you have a sit down meal or lounge in total relaxation in the outdoor sofa area of the restaurant, you can enjoy the beautiful Cypriot weather and your meal. The food is presented beautifully and expect a beautiful view of the Cypriot coast as you dine.


Diner, Restaurant, Middle Eastern, $$$
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Moussaka | © jules/Flickr
With its rustic furnishings and climbing greenery, the mood created in Venezia is one of comfort, intimacy and the serenity of nature. Enjoy local delicacies cooked and season to perfection as well as a friendly welcome from the staff. No matter if you’re here for an early breakfast or a leisurely brunch, all of your needs will be catered to at Venezia and you will leave satisfied every time.

Art Bistro Agora

Bistro, Restaurant, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, Greek, Lebanese, $$$
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This incredibly attractive restaurant serves food with a particularly Lebanese, Greek and Mediterranean twist. They have both meat and vegetarian options too. The restaurant was founded by a food enthusiast and globetrotter and the menu reflects this love and international influence. It is one of many new restaurants opening in the area and is a restaurant that is definitely aptly named combining fine food and artistic influences. Look out for themed nights that the restaurant hosts of an evening and so you’ll want to return for dinner too!

Karatello Restaurant

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Combining old and new, Karatello Restaurant is one of the many Cypriot restaurants that has successfully reinvented many classic Cypriot breakfast dishes. Enjoy warm or cold coffee as well as traditional meze dishes in a rustic and welcoming environment that bears the homely ambiance of a wine cellar. The restaurant is incredibly popular with locals and travelers and so you can always be sure of full tables and a happy, sociable ambiance.