These are the 10 Most Searched for Travel Destinations in the World

© Tugolukof / Shutterstock
© Tugolukof / Shutterstock
News flash everyone, Croatia has been named the world’s most searched for travel destination.

Home to stunning beaches, gorgeous mountains, glittering lagoons and some rather stunning beaches, a new study by teflSearch has just named Croatia as the world’s most searched for travel destination.

Drawing in 2.71% of the total searches made, the Western Balkan nation beat off other competitors for the top spot on the list by a minuscule margin.

Every single country featured is known for cheap, friendly stays, and prime beaches. Other countries on the list include Greece, which generated 2.54% of searches, Turkey (2.47%) and Spain (1.99%).

So how did they determine the results? The teach English abroad website picked out very specific search terms like ‘holidays in France’ and ‘holidays in Greece’, and translated them to the native language of each country. Each term was then measured by how often they were looked up on search engines like Google, Naver, and Baidu.

All the results were then broken down according to travellers’ home countries. Check out the break down below.

Most searched destinations from the United States:

United Kingdom (4.2%)

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Mexico (4.1%)

Cuba (3.9%)

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Costa Rica (3.8%)

India (3.2%)

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Most searched destinations from the United Kingdom:

United Kingdom (5.6%)

Thailand (4.4%)

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Turkey (4.1%)

Australia (4.0%)

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Mexico (3.8%)

Most searched destinations from Australia:

Fiji (20.7%)

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New Zealand (13.9%)

Thailand (8.0%)

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Vietnam (5.5%)

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Vanuatu (3.7%)

And if you love maps, see all the above data on a really cool interactive one on their website!

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