The Best Pizza in Zagreb, Croatia

Pizza in Zagreb | © Aigars Mahinovs/Flickr
Pizza in Zagreb | © Aigars Mahinovs/Flickr | Aigars Mahinovs/Flickr
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5 December 2017

Outside of Italy and Soho, Croatia might just produce Europe’s finest pizzas. Fresh ingredients, quality dough, wood-fire ovens, affordable prices – it all adds up. Though you may find better in certain spots around Dalmatia, Zagreb has a high concentration of decent ones. And, unlike Dalmatia, pizzerias in Zagreb have the spicy sausage and quality cold cuts of Slavonia and Istria on their doorstep.


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Once a purveyor of classic, mainly grilled, Croatian dishes across Kaptol from the towering Cathedral, Capuciner has since gone whole-heartedly Italian with its pizza offering now at 33-strong. In fact, 99-strong, as each pizza comes in three sizes: small, large, and jumbo. Look out for the two varieties of Slavonian pizza, each featuring the famed kulen spicy sausage – also an essential element on the Vulcano with arrabiata sauce. Smoked ham is another mainstay, liberally laid over the Prosciutto, Rukola and Capuciner options. The house pizza is also topped with sour cream and sweet peppers.


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Arguably the finest pizzeria in Croatia, Karijola started out on Vis island, where its name derives from a type of carrier of important belongings. Such is Karijola, purveyor of fresh produce on perfectly fire-cooked pizzas. The menu isn’t extensive but what’s offered is carefully prepared. That includes the smoked ham, garlic, rocket, and quality tomato sauce that comprise the house Karijola, the ham and mushrooms on the Mixed variety. Pizzas come in two sizes and just in case you need reminding of this Zagreb establishment’s roots, you can also opt for a viška pogača in calzone form – the signature scone from Dalmatia in a folded pizza.

Kod Žaca

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Way up past Ribnjak on the way to Mirogoj cemetery, Kod Žaca offers most things Italian but most of all, pizza. The dozen selections come in two main varieties: one created with gouda cheese, the other mozzarella. Each has a Slavonian version, with all kinds of spicy hams and sausages, as well as a pepperoni version that has three types of sausages. Kod Žaca is most certainly carnivore-friendly rather than pescatarian or vegetarian, but you will find ‘Tuna’ and ‘Vegetariana’ on the menu. They also deliver, if you fancy phoning one into your hotel.


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In Zagreb, Nokturno is synonymous with pizza. Actually, giant pizza. Its name refers to its late opening hours, with its location near the drinking spots of Tkalčićeva that lends itself to merry feasts after a couple of glasses of Ožujsko. Recently, Nokturno has upped and expanded its game with grilled meats and salads coming to fore. But essentially this is still an eminently affordable pizzeria. All the favourites feature on the menu, and your pizza is best devoured on the lengthy terrace surrounded by the pedestrian bustle of the city centre.


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Spizza interior
Spizza interior | Courtesy of Spizza

Way over near Lake Jarun, Spizza is a pizza destination like no other in Zagreb. Even before they get to the toppings, diners can choose between three types of dough, including gluten-free. Covering the base, you have, among many other ingredients, fresh ricotta, fresh spinach, quality pancetta, red onions, shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms marinated in white wine, Grana Padano, and even steak. If you opt for pasta instead, the ravioli and gnocchi are house-made. Leave room for the panna cotta or dessert of the day – either will be well worth it.

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