The Best Cafés and Coffee Shops in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Cave Bar More
Cave Bar More | Courtesy of Cave Bar More
Photo of Justin McDonnell
1 March 2017

Coffee culture is sacrosanct in Dalmatia, where afternoons, even days, are whiled away leisurely sipping frothy kava on smoke-filled terraces. A café isn’t just a coffee dispensary – it’s a cross-generational activity, where people meet to socialize, gossip, flirt, discuss politics and chain-smoke. In the center of Adriatic coastal towns, you’ll find a tangle of streets tightly clustered with cafés that look identical from the outside. Visitors often have a hard time working out which table belongs to which café, but patrons remain fiercely loyal to their particular establishment, even when next-door joints serve the same brand of coffee. To guide you through them, we’ve picked the best cafés and coffee shops in Dubrovnik.


Cafe, Mediterranean
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Muffins | © vagawl /Flickr

The delightfully kitsch Pupica is a cutesy purveyor of sweet treats and confections, breaking tradition from Croatia’s bar-café culture, where the selling of food is prohibited in establishments where smoking is permitted (to preserve local custom, most cafés opted for smoking.) Decorated in a Cath Kidston-esque style, with pink tartan tablecloths and shabby-chic white furniture, its display of cakes, muffins and brownies seduce a steady stream of passing visitors.

Soul Caffe & Rakhija Bar

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Soul Caffe is a groovy little venue, nicely tucked away from the overbearing bustle along Stradun. The dimly-lit café doubles up as a popular nightspot, where cocktails flow as freely as the jazzy soundtrack. Situated on a romantic cobbled street in the Old Town, daytime visitors should try and nab an outdoor table on the terrace.

Cave Bar More

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Cave Bar (14)
Courtesy of Cave Bar More Dubrovnik

One of Croatia’s most visually stunning cafés, Cave Bar More is set in the contours of a natural cavern under Hotel More. This achingly trendy venue is sparsely decorated with light installations, and its craggy walls are atmospherically lit with LED constellations. Its subterranean depths and steady blast of air-con make this a cool retreat from the blazing heat.

Glam Café

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Glam Café is one of Dubrovnik’s more progressive establishments: an early adopter of the craft beer movement, as well as smoothies and healthy snacks, they pay equal attention to the quality of their coffee. Jutting off the Stradun thoroughfare, Glam’s excellent location and after-hours cocktail range make it a popular hipster hangout.

Café Festival

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Café Festival Terrace, Dubrovnik
Courtesy of Café Festival

Occupying a prime spot in the center of the Old Town, bang on the busy promenade of Stradun, Café Festival receives a continuous stream of customers throughout the day, so you may have to jostle for a table. Often soundtracked by the cheesy tinkling of piano-keys, it’s a nice enough place to take a break and watch pedestrians pass by – and for a tourist-facing establishment, the prices aren’t bad either.