Dubrovnik in 8 Breakfasts, With Local Foodie Ivo Golik

Burek is a popular Croatian breakfast item
Burek is a popular Croatian breakfast item | © Sergii Koval / Alamy Stock Photo
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15 July 2020

While Dubrovnik may be best known for its picturesque Old City, sapphire-blue Adriatic Sea and for serving as the backdrop to Game of Thrones, the city is also home to a growing breakfast scene. Local foodie Ivo Golik shares his list of the best breakfast dishes in Dubrovnik.

Ivo Golik knows Dubrovnik and its food inside and out. He is the founder of Laus Travel, a company that helps guide people in the right direction when visiting the city, from sightseeing to exploring the local gastronomy scene. According to Ivo, the best breakfasts in Dubrovnik range from traditional Croatian burek (stuffed pastry) and cold meat platters, to omelettes enjoyed with a view of a former shipyard.

Breakfast Stradun at Gradska Kavana Arsenal

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Gradska Kavana Arsenal is situated in the heart of Dubrovnik’s Old City and overlooks the old port, Arsenal, which dates back to the 13th century. “This is the place where residents drink their coffee – and not coffee to-go,” says Ivo. While there are four breakfast options to choose from, Ivo’s favourite is the Stradun which comes with a hot drink of your choice, orange juice, croissant, honey, marmalade, butter and a ham and cheese omelette. “I also love to order a bowl of fruit on the side,” he says. If you sit outside, you will have a view of St John’s Fortress on one side and the Lazareti complex, the oldest European quarantine structure, built in 1377, on the other. “And if you take a seat on its other terrace, you will enjoy the view of Stradun, the main promenade, and St Blasius Church,” he says.

The cold platter at Dalmatino

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If you learn one thing when you visit Croatia, it’s that cold meat and cheese platters are a staple. “Dalmatino means a resident of the region of Dalmatia, which is the southern region of Croatia,” says Ivo. Dalmatino is situated on Prijeko, Dubrovnik’s famous restaurant street, and it’s one of few places offering breakfast before 8am. Ivo suggests taking a seat on its outdoor terrace and enjoying the morning scenery of the street slowly awakening while savouring a traditional breakfast. “The cold platter, Dalmacija, is my favourite dish,” he says. It comes with prosciutto, bacon, home-made sausage, cheese and olives.

Burek at Pekarnica Klas Bakery

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“The baking industry in Croatia is very important. Bakeries are not just the place where you buy bread, but they also serve as a pastry shop where you can buy famous burek (a filo pastry stuffed with anything from meat to cheese to potatoes), apple strudel and slices of various cakes, such as kremšnita or krempita (a custard cream slice with a puff-pastry base),” says Ivo. “Even though we Croatians don’t tend to have coffee to go, we do like breakfast on the go, so we can eat bakery goods while on our way to work,” he says. Pekarnica Klas Bakery has two locations in Dubrovnik, and Ivo recommends trying the burek. “Also, don’t forget the yoghurt, which you can buy here too, as we often eat that for our breakfast.”

Eggs benedict at Forty-Four Restaurant

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“Located in a luxury Dubrovnik palace from nobility days, Forty-Four has since been refurbished to be a guesthouse and restaurant,” says Ivo. “It is easy to miss the main entrance, which leads to an open-air terrace at the palace.” He says that the decor is the perfect blend of old and new. “I go there only for two reasons: the eggs benedict and the sound of silence,” he says. “It is a newly opened restaurant, so it is still not that commercialised and totally worth a visit.”

Muesli with yoghurt at Bistro 49

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“Bistro 49 is simple but delicious,” says Ivo. “Located in the Kantafig neighbourhood across from the main bus station, this place is a great stop if you have to catch your bus or you have just arrived by bus to the city.” Not only is the inside stylishly decorated, but the restaurant also has great and cheap breakfast options. “My favourite one is muesli with yoghurt, washed down with a flat white and an organic juice.”

Sunny-side-up eggs at Caffe Pizzeria Blue Planet

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While you can get their trademark of pizza at Caffe Pizzeria Blue Planet, it also has plenty of non-pizza options, including breakfast. “It’s conveniently located by Lapad Bay, right by the beach, and the views from the bar are pretty amazing,” says Ivo. “I’d recommend starting your sunny summer day by ordering sunny-side-up eggs with bacon.” When you visit the pizzeria, you’ll have a unique experience of being surrounded by huge modern residential buildings. “It feels more like being in a bigger Croatian city, such as Split or Zagreb,” he says.

Classic breakfast at Dubravka 1836 Restaurant and Café

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You can find Dubravka 1836 at the west entrance of the Old City, and you’ll have amazing views of fortresses and Brsalje Square while you eat your first meal of the day. Ivo suggests the classic breakfast, which comes with Dalmatian smoked ham, cheese, bread (with butter, marmalade and honey), fruit salad, a doughnut, orange juice and a hot drink. “But you will find plenty of variety, so when I go there, I always order something different from the options, as I love them all,” he says.

American pancakes at Rhea Silvia Wine and Tapas Bar

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Ivo warns visitors not to be confused by the name of this place. Rhea Silvia Wine and Tapas Bar offers great breakfast selections in addition to its tapas. “You will never find me there drinking wine or eating tapas,” he says. “If I want to start my day on a sweet note, I choose its amazing American pancakes for breakfast.” The staff will bring you a list and a pen so that you can customise how you’d like your pancakes made. Various toppings are available, such as Kokos Raffaello and Kinder Bueno. “While waiting for them, order a delicious coffee to sip on,” he says.

These recommendations were updated on July 15, 2020 to keep your travel plans fresh.

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