The Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Zagreb

The Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, sits prettily beneath Mount Medvednica. This city takes pride in its cultural heritage and boasts an array of well-established galleries and a landscape of historic architecture. The city also holds a number of unusual museums, such as the striking Museum of Broken Relationships. With a feel for the arts, we pick out ten boutique hotels to experience in Zagreb.

The city of Zagreb is made up of three main sections, and the Gornji Grad (Upper Town) is the medieval core, which occupies a steep hill directly above Trg Bana, Josipa Jelacica and Ilica. These areas make up the key shopping avenue, which runs West off the square. Donji Grad (Lower Town) is a flat and elegant area and was largely created in the late 19th century, spanning between Ilica and the River Sava. Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb), meanwhile, is a grey zone of Cold War housing but has recently been praised for its efficient road network and abundance of parks.

©Studio Kairos 

Studio Kairos

This unique bed and breakfast boutique is the first of its kind in Zagreb. There are four rooms to choose from, each with a theme depicting a different time period in the city. The Writers room, Crafts room, Granny’s room and the Music room all have their own routes for a city tour provided during the stay. Located in the old town, it is just ten minutes walking distance from the Ban Josip Jelačić main city square. Studio Kairos also offer bicycles to rent and can accommodate up to 12 people.



InZagreb offers ten apartments to rent in Zagreb, which are all wonderfully unique. This is a family run business by husband and wife Ivana and Ksandro. Guests are welcomed with a small welcome package on arrival that consists of a Zagreb map, weather forecast, In Your Pocket monthly city guide, brochures on Croatia, and tips for restaurants and shops. Ivana is also a licensed tourist guide for Zagreb so she will be happy to provide information on current events and places of interest.

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The Palace Hotel Zagreb

©President Pantovcak 

President Pantovcak

President Pantovack features rooms with carefully selected pieces of antique furniture and works of art by renowned artists. Unlike the popular art deco architecture found in the majority of hotels in Zagreb, this particular hotel has been carefully designed in contemporary style. Its large floor-to-ceiling windows look out to the park, and all rooms are oriented towards the garden. Rooms either have a large terrace or a private garden, while the glass walls can be completely opened to let in both sunlight and breeze.

©Esplanade Zagreb 

Esplanade Zagreb

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ARCOTEL Allegra Zagreb

©Hotel AS 

Hotel AS

©Hotel Jarun 

Hotel Jarun

Hotel Jarun is a newly opened boutique hotel, both stylish and modern in design. Located near the Jarun Lake, in a beautiful and quite neighborhood, the hotel is just out of town, only a 15-minute tram ride to the city centre. Each of the rooms contain distinctive details of the city of Zagreb and the Jarun Lake.

©Hotel Antunović 

Hotel Antunović

©Sheraton Zagreb Hotel 

Sheraton Zagreb Hotel