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Courtesy Old Plovdiv Guesthouse
Courtesy Old Plovdiv Guesthouse
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The 15 Best Budget Stays in Plovdiv

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Updated: 23 April 2017
Plovdiv has become a hotspot for frugal travelers because it offers so much while asking for so little in return. Come see its breathtaking views, learn about its colorful and rich history, and visit the Kapana creative district that is packed with art, music and craft festivals. Here’s a list of 15 of the best budget places to stay.
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Hikers Hostel

You will find this hostel on a quiet street in the Old Town of Plovdiv, with a labyrinth of cobblestone streets to wander. Hikers Hostel is housed in a traditional Renaissance-period building with a classical fireplace, a bar and a self-catering kitchen. The staff will be happy to help you organize day trips within the vicinity of Plovdiv.

53, Saborna Str., Plovdiv, +359 896 76 4854

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Boutique Hostel Old Plovdiv

A luxury hostel? Yes, it is possible! You will feel like a royalty (maybe backpacker royalty, but still!) once you enter the Boutique Hostel Old Plovdiv. Unlike the usual 8- or 10-bed dorms, here the rooms have no more than 4 beds. The building, built in 1868, is a traditional house from the Renaissance period with renovated antique furniture and a beautiful garden. The hostel provides free parking, free wifi, and free breakfast as well!

3, Chetvarti yanuari, Plovdiv, +359 888 63 63 70

Courtesy Old Plovdiv Guesthouse

Courtesy Old Plovdiv Guesthouse

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Gramophone Hostel

To the locals, Gramophone is known as one of the progressive art bars where you can both party and come across a gramophone records sale at the same time. If you like the party atmosphere, choose Gramophone for both your cocktails and your place to sleep once the night is over. It is located on the main pedestrian street, so you’ll be close to all the hustle and bustle of the city as well!

36, Knyaz Alexander I, Plovdiv, +359 89 970 6009

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Skerzzo Guesthouse

Skerzzo Guesthouse is close to the manicured Tsar Simeonova Garden in the center of Plovdiv, and within walking distance to the railway station and the major bus stations. Most of the rooms have a shared bathroom, but each room is private, so you won’t share it with other guests. You can also use a shared kitchen if you prefer cooking your own food.

8, Tsar Asen, Plovdiv, +359 88 973 5696

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Funky Monkey Hostel

If you like being close to the party but prefer to sleep in a quiet area, this hostel is for you. Funky Monkey Hostel is located in the center of Plovdiv, just five minutes away from the pedestrian area and the Old Town. It has three, five and six-bed dorms and private rooms if you don’t feel like sharing the room with strangers. Some of the rooms feature a balcony with a beautiful view overlooking Plovdiv.

2, Sveti Sveti Kiril I Metodiy Str., Plovdiv, +359 88 390 9606

Plovdiv view | © Ilia Markov/WikiCommons

Plovdiv view | © Ilia Markov/WikiCommons

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My Guest Rooms Plovdiv

This renovated art building from the early 20th century is close to the central park of Plovdiv – Tsar Simeonova Garden – and one of the favorite summer attractions of the locals – the Singing Fountains. One of the greatest advantages of My Guest Rooms Plovdiv is that you are just five minutes walking distance from the train station and the two main bus terminals (where buses to Sofia and the Rhodope Mountains depart).

29, Ivan Vazov street, Plovdiv, +359 89 656 7475

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Bike Hostel Plovdiv

Bike Hostel Plovdiv is one of those adventure places where you know you will find people who “speak your language.” They will not only provide you a bed, but will also store or transport your bike, or rent a bike to you if you didn’t bring your own. Ask for their kayaking adventures too!

17, Ekzarh Josiff Str, Plovdiv, +359 89 899 4300

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Hotel Ego

Each room in Hotel Ego is furnished in beautiful dark wood, and some of them have balconies available in summer. There’s a small conference hall for 20-40 people and the breakfast is excellent. Staying here would put you close to some of Plovdiv’s major museums and attractions, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Pedestrian covered bridge.

2, Eliezer Kalev, Plovdiv, +359 32 63 62 61

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Bright House

If you prefer to have your own kitchen to cook in, and avoid noisy hotel guests on the upper floor, you can check out the apartments at Bright House. The price if very reasonable, especially if you travel with children or a larger group of friends. The house is in the middle of Kapana art district where you can find the best festivals and weekend events in Plovdiv.

21, Georgi Benkovski str., Plovdiv, +359 32 650 800

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Star Hotel

This budget hotel is in the very heart of Plovdiv, right on the main pedestrian street. Star Hotel offers single, double and deluxe rooms (in case you feel like splurging!).

13, Patriarh Evtimiy Str., Plovdiv, +359 32 633 599

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Hipster Guesthouse

This lovely guesthouse in the central heart of Plovdiv has a variety of room options (shared or private) to choose from. Hipster Guesthouse is located close to the Puppet Theatre and just a minute away from the popular pedestrian area where you will find the best bars, restaurants and shops.

1A, Hristo Dyukmedzhiev, Plovdiv, +359 89 951 5753

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Chelsea Guesthouse

Chelsea Guesthouse is situated near the entrance to the Old Town in Plovdiv, and less than 0.5 miles (1 km) away from the center of the city. The house can host up to 60 people in double rooms and apartments, and will offer you the tranquility of a side street where you can rest after a busy day exploring the city!

16A, Rakovski Str., Plovdiv, +359 32 624 699

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Hotel Avion

If you prefer to stay at a place with a distinct atmosphere, Hotel Avion’s double rooms will bring you back in time to Bulgaria as it was in the early 19th century (except for your modern conveniences of course!). If you choose their studios, you will enjoy a view of the city landscape through the large round windows. Venture out into the cozy garden of the hotel to relax after a busy day.

15, Han Presiyan Str., Plovdiv, +359 32 967 451

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Hotel Trakart

This quiet family-run hotel has double rooms and apartments available, and includes a beautiful winter garden. If you’re looking to stay out of the busyness of the city, stay at Hotel Trakart. It will also put you close to the International Fair. If you want to join the bustle of the center of Plovdiv, you can easily cross the pedestrian bridge over Maritsa River and be there within 10 minutes.

13, Pop Zlatan, 4003 Plovdiv, +359 32 579 758

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Hotel Dafi

Hotel Dafi is a perfect place to stay if you want to be close to the city center, but don’t want to hear the late night parties around you – all the rooms in the hotel are soundproof. The walking district starts in front of the hotel, and the remaining major attractions in Plovdiv are almost all within short walking distance.

23, G. Benkovski, Plovdiv,, + 359 32 620 041