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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Sofia, Bulgaria
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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Sofia, Bulgaria

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bulgarian cuisine is not famed for being vegetarian-friendly. In the up-and-coming hip capital city of Sofia, however, you’ll find an abundance of cafes and restaurants specializing in vegetarian and vegan fare. Here we look at the best vegetarian spots in the city.
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Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon is a bakery-restaurant specializing in organic vegetarian and vegan fare, inspired by cuisines from around the world. The main menu is small but carefully crafted and is complemented by a lunchtime menu which changes from day to day. Enjoy the homemade organic treats in the main cafe whose stripped back, real wood interior makes for a calm and cozy space in which to relax. While you’re there, make sure to sample one of the fifteen different varieties of freshly baked bread which have garnered quite a following in Sofia and further afield.

Address & telephone number: ul. 6-ti septemvri 39, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 899 138 411

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Saffron restaurant delivers a unique blend of Indian and Bulgarian cuisine in the heart of Sofia’s student district. Not only the food but also the decor presents a hybrid of Indian and Bulgarian influences and you can enjoy the flavors of ancient Indian cuisine in an amiable and cozy atmosphere. The menu does contain meat and fish options but there’s plenty on offer for vegetarian and vegan customers. The chefs make every dish fresh, which means you can order your meal as spicy (or not) as you prefer while enjoying the great service and sociable atmosphere.

Address & telephone number: Francois Miteran Str. 426, 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 8 961 799 86

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Zoya Country Market

Strictly speaking, Zoya Country Market is more of a produce shop than restaurant proper, but it is still one of the best places to get vegetarian and vegan food in Sofia. The walls are filled from floor to ceiling with organic vegetarian food that you can purchase to take away or eat on site. Here you’ll be able to find vegetarian goods including smoothies, cakes and sushi at reasonable prices that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. If you like what you see here, there are also two other Zoya shops around Sofia, so be sure to check them out too.

Address & telephone number: Aksakov Str. 22, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 899 884 115

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Petru’s Restaurant & Bar

Petru’s Restaurant & Bar, to the south of the city, is a stylish restaurant where the quality of the service matches the quality of the food. Petru’s mainly specializes in seafood but their delicious and varied freshly made vegetarian options mean that it isn’t just meat and fish eaters who frequent this friendly establishment. There’s ample seating in any of the restaurant’s six rooms to enjoy your food while listening to great music. The beer selection is also one of the best in town.

Address & telephone number: bul. Sveti Naum 48, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 87 687 6051

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DreamHouse isn’t the easiest restaurant to find in Sofia but the great quality food along with their warm welcome makes the effort worth it, and has ensured that customers have been coming back time and time again since its opening in 2005. Follow the graffiti above the shopping gallery and you’ll reach this comfortable restaurant with a relaxing ambiance, great music and tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes. The menu is centered around fresh, healthy and tasty ingredients and, since a lot of the dishes are gluten-free, there’s something here for everyone.

Address & telephone number: ul. Alabin I. VI. 50, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 2 980 8163

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Cabra Natural Foods & Bar

In downtown Sofia you’ll find this vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant where the emphasis is as much on great customer service as it is on great quality food. You’ll be warmly welcomed in the bright, open restaurant whose mezzanine and outdoor terrace ensures that there’s always ample seating. The restaurant isn’t 100% vegetarian but the seasonal menu has lots of tasty vegan, vegetarian and organic options. Stay for a drink after you’ve finished your meal when the restaurant is transformed into a stylish bar with plenty of beers, wines and cocktails to sample.

Address & telephone number: ul. Oborishte 18, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 2 846 8687

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E-Motion Club

E-Motion Club might not be what you expect to see on a list of the top vegetarian restaurants in Sofia since its main selling point is as a bar and billiards establishment. And while billiards might not be your cup of tea, the food on offer is nevertheless worth the visit. The buffet style food contains many vegetarian options and everything is made on site using only fresh ingredients, something which is immediately obvious from the flavorsome platters. E-Motion Club is unique in Sofia and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the vegetarian food.

Address & telephone number: ul. Nikola Genadiev, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 88 888 6240

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Adi’s Cook & Book

Stepping into Adi’s Cook & Book restaurant in Sofia is like stepping straight into a fairy tale house. The restaurant is an events space set up in a converted house complete with kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and garden. There are random and often surreal nick-knacks scattered all over the house. They also have floor to ceiling book shelves flanking the walls, which you’re free to peruse while you enjoy the healthy, nutritious and delicious food, a lot of which is vegetarian. Be aware though, booking in advance is essential.

Address & telephone number: Budapeshta Str. 31, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 2 470 2635

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Veda House

Veda House is a charming restaurant catering for vegetarian and vegan diets in the very heart of Sofia. The extensive and entirely vegetarian menu has lots of tasty options for breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices. The warm decor is matched by a warm welcome from the friendly staff, Veda House is a perfect place to stop by at any time of the day. The food is great but what really makes this place stand out is its enormous selection of teas (over 80 different varieties) which you can enjoy on their own or with your food.

Address & telephone number: ul. William Gladstone 2, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 88 210 8108

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Kring is a 100 per cent vegetarian restaurant located right in the hustle and bustle of Sofia. The restaurant focuses on using only fresh and nutritious ingredients to make healthy meals, most of which are now vegan, without compromising on flavor. The house salad (the ‘Kring salad’) is a popular option with first time visitors and regulars alike, but the extensive menu has an abundance of tasty dishes and snacks. You can also order food to take away and many of the products used in the menu are for sale from the restaurant.

Address & telephone number: ul. Tsar Simeon 72, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 2 983 4333