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Courtesy of 8 1/2 Art Guest House
Courtesy of 8 1/2 Art Guest House

The 10 Best Places to Stay in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Updated: 4 April 2017

You can expect more from your hotel stay in Plovdiv than just a bed and a bathroom. With more and more tourists visiting the Bulgarian city, the hotels in Plovdiv are constantly trying to provide more for their guests – be it a better central location or a boutique experience. Here’s our choice of ten of the best places to stay in Plovdiv.

Old Plovdiv Guest House

After you’ve seen many of the old Plovdiv houses, it’s time to spend a night in one of them. This hostel offers accommodation in a historical building from 1868 with original antique furniture (restored and well-kept), and a cozy yard. All of this in the heart of the Old Town of Plovdiv. Unlike the usual hostel with 10- or 12-bed dorms, here all the rooms are have only three or four beds to give you slightly more personal space.

ul. Chetvarti Yanuari 3, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 88 863 6370

Courtesy Old Plovdiv Guest Housse

Courtesy Old Plovdiv Guest Housse

Hotel Evmolpia

Hotel Evmolpia is a boutique hotel in the Old Town, just two minutes away from the Kapana Art District. The room design is truly unique and will make you feel at home. It is the only hotel in Bulgaria to offer a free wine and cheese bar every night. You will get a small bottle of Bulgarian wine of your choice (white, red, or rosé) and will have the chance to taste some of the typical Bulgarian grape varietals and cheese.

4 Pernik str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 32 95 77 95

Courtesy Evmolpia Hotel

Courtesy of Evmolpia Hotel

Ramada Plovdiv Trimontium Hotel

This four-star hotel used to be one of the best in Plovdiv during the Communist times, when it was called Trimontium after one of the ancient names of Plovdiv. Now renovated, it is located right on the main walking street with all the attractions at a walking distance.

2 Kapitan Raicho St., Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 32 605000

Hotel Dafi

Hotel Dafi is situated in the art heart of Plovdiv: Kapana Art District. Some of the best craft beer bars and craft ateliers are situated right in front of the hotel, and the Dzhumaya Square with the mosque and the Roman Stadium are just five minutes away. A huge plus is that the rooms are soundproof, in case you don’t feel like partying.

23, G. Benkovski, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, + 359 32 620 041

Hotel Nord

Hotel Nord is a small, three-star family hotel suitable for business trips or weekend getaways. It’s two bus stops away from the center and right opposite the International Plovdiv Fair complex. The staff is really helpful and friendly.

33A Ibar Str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 32 947 979

Metropol Hotel

An affordable option of you want to be close both to the International Plovdiv Fair complex (200 m) and the Old Town (less than one km). Metropol Hotel offers all the basics you need, plus a conference room.

7 Bulgaria Blvd, Plovdiv, Bulgaria+359 32 940 900

Park Hotel Plovdiv

Located among greenery in a park area, this hotel is a breath of fresh air in the concrete city. Park Hotel Plovdiv is a luxury choice for both a business and a city trip offering a deluxe spa center where you can relax your senses after a hectic day.

38 Sankt Peterburg Blvd., Plovdiv, Bulgaria, + 359 32 811 856

At Renaissance Square Hotel

Just a few rooms in a renovated 19-century building – that’s a recipe for a perfectly laid-back atmosphere. Every room of this hotel is designed in a different color, and the garden restaurant is lovely, especially its coolness on hot summer days.

1, Vazrajdane sq., Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 32 26 69 66

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The Bright House

If you prefer a more at-home feeling, then an apartment in the center of Plovdiv will meet your expectations. The Bright House has a few apartments in the Kapana Art District, each with a kitchen and a spacious living room.

21, Georgi Benkovski str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 889 72 72 78

8 ½ Art Guest House

8 ½ Art Guest House is another designer’s piece of art in the city center, situated right across the ancient Roman Odeon. The luxury options include apartments, deluxe rooms, and a penthouse apartment where international celebrities have spent the night. 

15 Gurko Str, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, + 359 892 273 297

Courtesy 8 1/2 Art Guest House

Courtesy 8 1/2 Art Guest House