The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Varna

Coffee | © Pixabay
Coffee | © Pixabay
Photo of Maria Angelova
17 July 2017

Start the day fresh with a strong coffee or a steamy cappuccino – Varna has it all if you know where to go. Here is a list of 10 of the best cafés in the city.

Three Dolphins Family Hotel

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Three Dolphins
Three Dolphins | Courtesy of Yana Borisova/CReaktive PR
The Three Dolphins is a family hotel and coffee shop in the center of Varna where you are welcomed as if you are visiting a close friend. The coffee blend is specially prepared for the venue by a family-owned coffee company in Vienna after one of the owners discovered this coffee aroma in a bar in Budapest and researched its origins back to Austria. Smooth jazz or Brazilian bossa nova usually accompany your first sips of morning freshness, while the cosmopolitan atmosphere is completed by a mini-market with products from all over the world – dried herbs from the Rhodopes, jamon from Spain, eggplants from Turkey to name a few.

Katcheto na Toni

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Katcheto na Toni is the dream of Antoaneta Genova who had spent years baking sweets and cakes for friends and family before she decided to open a pastry shop and share her love for baking with a wider audience. The venue looks like your granny’s home, the perfect surroundings to indulge in a piece of cake created with Belgian chocolate and lots of love.
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The Social Teahouse

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If you want your morning coffee to have a positive impact on someone else’s life, order it at the Social Teahouse. This is a venue for tea, events, and workshops, as well as a first job for young people who grew up in orphanages. The teahouse gives them the opportunity to communicate with other people and to gain self-confidence to craft their own lives. This place is a chance for you to see young people making a difference in Varna.

Delfino Di Moda - City Cafe

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Delfino di Moda is the latest city cafe from the Moda Bar chain in Varna. It’s bright colors and lush greenery make you feel fresh and energized even before your coffee has arrived. But it’s much more than coffee here – cocktail lovers will enjoy the variety of tastes while the hookah aromas will put you in a vacation mode. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the fresh cakes.

Cafe Rosher Lounge & Sweets

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Cafe Rosher Longe & Sweets will welcome you with a colorful setting and intimate atmosphere, perfect for long chitchats and lazy afternoons. What a better start to the day than an aromatic coffee, a freshly squeezed juice and a piece of cake? If you are traveling with your kids in tow, there is a special corner where they can play safely.

The BRICK bar

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The BRICK Bar is primarily famous for its live music nights but it opens its doors early in the morning to help you start the day happily with a cup of strong coffee or a cappuccino. Enjoy the urban atmosphere and come back to listen to live performances of local musicians in the evening.

Samba - Brazilian Coffee Shops

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Coffee | © Couleur / Pixabay

You are in Bulgaria but this doesn’t mean you can’t feel as if you were in South America. Just one cup of coffee is enough to send you there if you visit Samba. You will immediately recognize that passionate people are working here, not only by the amazing Brazilian sweets (you will eat the best muffins in the city here). There is a wide range of Brazilian coffee brands you can buy and take home too.

The Garden Bar

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Smoothies | © Silviarita/Pixabay

Have a smoothie with your coffee for a healthy morning at the Garden Bar. You can choose the ingredients according to your taste or add a sandwich to your order. This upscale bar is open from early morning till late at night and turns in a party zone after dark with a choice of hookah aromas and cocktails.

Brand Bar

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Bar Brand has a living room, laid back feeling only you don’t have to pour your own drinks. Grab a book from the bar’s library while you are sipping your morning coffee or hot chocolate or play chess with a friend. The excellent choice of vinyl records nailed to the wall add to the comfy atmosphere while the menu will give you an insight into the Bulgarian craft beer scene with a great variety of brands to try later in the day.
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Muffin Bar&Coffee

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Muffins | © Alexas_photos/Pixabay

A coffee or a hot chocolate, a raspberry or vanilla muffin with it is always a good idea. Muffin Bar&Coffee doesn’t stop there, adding bruschettas, sandwiches, freshly baked croissants in the morning (just follow the sweet smell), aloe drinks, French macarons… On a hot summer day, choose the green garden.