Coolest Neighbourhoods in Plovdiv

Plovdiv Old Town | © ornello_pics/Flickr
Plovdiv Old Town | © ornello_pics/Flickr
Photo of Maria Angelova
8 May 2017

If you ask Plovdiv dwellers which is the coolest neighborhood in the city, they will probably name their own. There’s a strong sense of neighborhood belonging in Plovdiv and you have to know that to understand why people talk with so much love for their area. Read on to discover the top coolest neighborhoods in Plovdiv!


For the last few years, Kapana has risen from the ashes to grow into the favorite art, leisure and after-sunset beer spot to locals and visitors. What was once an area of crumbling old buildings with broken windows and numerous parked cars, is now a lovely pedestrian area where most of Plovdiv’s art lives. During the day, you’ll find craft shops, children’s workshops, and laid back cafes. Come back in the evening to discover some of the best craft beer and live music bars. Many of the local festivals take place here too. Kapana is situated in the center of Plovdiv, just a block away from the Roman Stadium and Dzhumaya Mosque. Its name is translated as ‘The Trap’ because of the way the small streets are intertwining at unimaginable angles.

Kapana neighborhood in Plovdiv | © Realsteel007/WikiCommons

The Old Town

The Old Town of Plovdiv is situated on three hills that have been inhabited without interruption for more than 8,000 years – that makes Plovdiv one of the oldest living cities in the world. Put on your most comfortable shoes to climb up and down the cobblestone streets that will lead you to colorful Renaissance houses, art shops, and cafes with quiet, shaded gardens. Many of these houses are museums today, telling the enchanting story of people who lived here many years ago. The Ethnographic Museum, the Regional History Museum, the Lamartin House and Balabanov’s House are just a few. Make sure you reach the top of the town for an amazing view over Plovdiv.

Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv | © Dennis Jarvis/WikiCommons

Kyuchuk Parizh

Kyuchuk Parizh (translated as the Little Paris and officially known as South District) is a quiet, family neighborhood south of the Central Railway Station. It was called Little Paris by its inhabitants back at the beginning of the 20th century. There are two versions about why this was. The first says the neighborhood was slightly rebellious, just like the French capital in the past. The second says the reason was that the lead factory tower, the tallest structure in Plovdiv at the time, resembled the Eiffel Tower.


Trakia is the third largest neighborhood in Bulgaria, where people mostly live in 70’s and 80’s communist-style apartment buildings. You will know you are there when you see the broad boulevards and the long lines of similar looking buildings. Go out on a sunny day and you’ll see crowds of people in the neighborhood cafes, drinking coffee, smoking and chitchatting with friends. Many new bike lanes have been built recently, which makes the area pleasant for cycling. In summer, you can visit the only water park in Plovdiv called Aqualand.

Trakia's City Hall in Plovdiv | © Nelimbg/WikiCommons


Kamenitsa is roughly translated as The Stone Area and it’s the place where many stone craftsmen used to have their workshops. Until recently Kamenitsa beer factory was located here, but it was demolished and a beer museum with a park is planned to take its place.

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