The Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Raiskoto Praskalo Waterfall | © Phantomlord1978 / WikiCommons
Raiskoto Praskalo Waterfall | © Phantomlord1978 / WikiCommons
Photo of Maria Angelova
26 January 2018

Bulgaria is a great destination for nature lovers, especially for those who particularly appreciate the beauty of waterfalls. Most of these striking spots are easily accessible along scenic marked trails and offer stunning vistas from above. Here’s our list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria to visit on your next trip.

Raiskoto Praskalo Waterfall, Botev Peak

Raiskoto Praskalo (literally translated as ‘sprinkle from heaven’) is located at the foot of the highest peak of Stara Planina Mountain, Botev Peak. The waterfall is 124.5 metres (408 feet) high, which makes it the highest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula active all year round. The hike to Raiskoto Praskalo takes 5 hours and it’s not an easy one. There is a mountain lodge called Rai (‘heaven’) half an hour from the waterfall where you can spend the night.

Raiskoto Praskalo Waterfall, Bulgaria

Skaklya Waterfall, Vratsa

This is the highest Bulgarian waterfall, whose thin thread falls from 141 metres (462 feet) only 1.5 km (1 miles) from the town of Vratsa. Skaklya Waterfall is not active all year round, so the best time to visit it is in spring or after heavy rainfall. You can see it from the town or hike to it to enjoy the breathtaking views from its top.

Skaklya Waterfall, Vratsa, Bulgaria

Skaklya Waterfall, Bov

The other waterfall named Skaklya is situated not far from Vratsa, near the tiny village of Bov in the Iskar River Gorge. It is more popular with visitors because it is on the route of a beautiful eco-trail between the villages of Bov and Zasele dedicated to Ivan Vazov, one of the Bulgarian classic writers and poets, a nature lover and a frequent visitor of this area.

Skaklya Waterfall, Bov, Bulgaria

Skakavitsa Waterfall, Rila

There are two waterfalls in Bulgaria called Skakavitsa, one of them is the highest waterfall in the Rila Mountains. It is 70 metres (229 feet) high and is beautiful in every season. An easy hike will take you to the waterfall.

Skakavitsa, Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Krushuna Waterfalls, Krushuna

Krushuna Waterfalls are one of the favorite weekend destinations of Bulgarians, which is why you should be prepared to find the natural site packed with hundreds of people if you visit it on a weekend. The turquoise water pools filled with crystal clear water make for a perfect backdrop for a photo. To get to the village of Krushuna, you will need to rent car or to join a group tour. The hike from the village is very short but refreshing.

Krushuna Waterfalls, Krushuna, Bulgaria

Kostenets Waterfall, Kostenets

Kostenets Waterfall is located in the outer residential areas of Kostenets, an hour driving from Sofia. Though its height is not dramatic (10 metres (33 feet)), it has colorful lighting at night. There are food venues and parking lots nearby.

Kostenets Waterfall, Kostenets, Bulgaria

The Canyon of Waterfalls, Rhodope Mountains

The Canyon of Waterfalls is an eco-trail in the Rhodope Mountains where you can see more than 40 waterfalls of all sizes in a day. The highest one is called Orpheus and is 68 metres (223 feet) high. To get there you need to drive out of the town of Smolyan. The hike can take a whole day, so pack a lunch and go explore!

The Canyon of Waterfalls, Smolyan, Bulgaria

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