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One of the Seven Rila Lakes | © Красимира Stepcho/WikiCommons
One of the Seven Rila Lakes | © Красимира Stepcho/WikiCommons
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20 Photos of Bulgaria in Bloom

Picture of Maria Angelova
Updated: 4 April 2017
When spring comes, Bulgaria blooms in all colors – from the first snowdrops in January to the violet crocus high up in the mountains in April and the red and pink roses in the Rose Valley in June. Bulgaria is beautiful.

To immerse yourself in the colorful landscape, all you need to do is to rent a car or just hop on a train and enjoy the view with your nose pressed against the window. A walk in the park would do, too, or a hike up a hill (if you’re in Plovdiv). Don’t worry if you’re far from Bulgaria right now – here are some amazing photos of the country in bloom.

Central Balkan National Park