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Courtesy Omaya Complex
Courtesy Omaya Complex

15 Unusual Places to Stay in Bulgaria

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Updated: 20 April 2017
If you’re looking for something more than a bed and a bathroom from your hotel room in Bulgaria, you’ll have to travel off the beaten path, away from its main tourist destinations. You can choose among fairy-tale houses in forest areas, art village houses, wine chateaus, and many more. Here’s our list of unusual places to stay in Bulgaria.

Chateau Copsa

Chateau Copsa resembles a French castle – rising on a hill among the vineyards of the winery, the magnificent building can be seen from afar. This is a perfect place to indulge in a relaxing weekend spent tasting wines, swimming in the whirlpool, trying food made from the freshest of ingredients in the Chateau’s restaurant, or just being idle in one of the rooms bearing the names of a variety of grapes.

Chateau Copsa, 32 General Kartsov Str., Moskovets, Bulgaria, +359 882 645 452

Courtesy Chateau Copsa

Courtesy Chateau Copsa

Casa Art Hotel, Oreshak

Casa Art, true to its name, is a hotel with that is full of creative design. Every room is decorated in a different style, but each has been inspired by the elements – earth, water, air, and fire. It is located in Oreshak, a village close to one of the major Bulgarian monasteries – Troyan Monastery, 5627 Troyanski Manastir, Oreshak, Bulgaria.

Casa Art Hotel, 44, Stara Planina Str, Oreshak, Bulgaria, +359 889 508 149

The Four Houses, Kostenkovtsi

The mountain ridge where Kostenkovtsi village is located faces south toward Stara Planina (one of the Balkan mountains). The Four Houses complex will impress you with its artistic atmosphere and the witty interior accents enclosed between the thick stone walls of the traditional style houses.  

The Four Houses, House #40, Kostenkovtsi, Bulgaria, +359 888 403 740

Courtesy The Four Houses

Courtesy The Four Houses

Seven Generations, Mechka

Seven Generations is a wine complex comprised of a winery, a restaurant, a small zoo area that is great for kids, and a spa center. The winery has a breathtaking view of the vineyards and part of the Danube river. Sunset is the best time to enjoy it, watching the day’s ending with a glass of excellent wine.

Seven Generations, Mechka, Bulgaria, +359 82 59 50 50

Evmolpia Hotel, Plovdiv

Plovdiv is most famous for its peaceful cobblestone Old Town. Instead of just seeing the sights, choose to sleep in the heart of the city at the boutique Evmolpia Hotel. Its interior design is truly unique with rich wooden furniture reminiscent of a time gone by. You can enjoy a free wine and cheese bar every night (which is an offer unique to this hotel).

Hotel Evmolpia, 4 Pernik Str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 32 95 77 95

Courtesy Evmolpia Hotel

Courtesy Evmolpia Hotel

8 ½ Art Guest House, Plovdiv

This artistically designed guesthouse is a slice of luxury in the heart of Plovdiv, offering penthouse apartments and luxury apartments. 8 ½ Art Guest House is in a quiet street in the center of Plovdiv, a stone’s throw from the main pedestrian street and the Roman Odeon, an ancient Roman theatre.

8 1/2 Art Guest House, 15 Gurko Str, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 32 396 699


Omaya is a remote, peaceful eco-complex comprised of a few houses situated in a large forest with two lakes, surrounded by fields. The houses are made of clay, stone, and wood but have everything you need to feel comfortable including electricity, a bathroom, and comfortable beds. There are two restaurants and a pool, as well as endless forest trails designed to make you feel as if you are in a fairytale.

Omaya Eco Village, Hadzhidimovo, Bulgaria, +359 879 889 357

Courtesy Omaya Complex

Courtesy Omaya Complex

The Clay House, Leshten

This house is made of clay and looks like it’s just come out of The Flintstones cartoon. However, you have all modern conveniences inside The Clay Houseand a beautiful view overlooking the village of Leshten from its porch.

Leshten, Bulgaria, +359 896 64 55 85

Art-M Gallery and Hotel, Tryavna

With its narrow cobblestone streets, museums, and craftsmen’s workshops, Tryavna will take you back to Bulgaria as it was in the 19th century. In the heart of the old town of Tryavna, near the Clocktower, Art-M Hotel welcomes art aficionados. Here you will find three halls of an art gallery, hotel rooms in traditional Bulgarian style, and a cafeteria.

Art-M Gallery and Hotel, 20 Angel Kynchev Str., Tryavna, Bulgaria, +359 887 097 373

Courtesy Art M Hotel

Courtesy Art-M Hotel

Trinity Retreat House, Aprlitsi

Trinity Retreat House is a guesthouse and a yoga retreat center influenced by both Eastern ashrams, and the travels of its owners. You can join one of the retreats, or just enjoy a peaceful stay in one of the individually styled rooms with a scenic view to the Balkan Mountains.

Trinity Retreat House, Apriltsi, Bulgaria, +359 895 57 1856

Todoroff Wine & Spa

Todoroff Wine & Spa is the place for you if you need a weekend to spoil yourself with beautifying treats and some good wine. Spend the night at the hotel and choose among the many wine spa therapies to feel like a god (or a goddess).

Todoroff Wine & Spa, 1 General Gurko Str., Brestovitsa, Bulgaria, +359 3142 2166

Courtesy Todoroff Wine & Spa

Courtesy Todoroff Wine & Spa

ARTament Airbnb, Sofia

A piece of artistic treasure in the heart of Sofia, this apartment (or rather ARTament) is decorated with antique furniture bought all over the world in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of Sofia from the last century. Original restored 1930’s wood floors and a vintage gramophone are some of its most dashing highlights.

ARTament Airbnb, Opalchenska Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Neolithic house, Chavdar village

Five reconstructions of Neolithic houses, modeled after an actual Neolithic settlement discovered near the site, overlook Chavdar village. Everything is made of natural materials, mainly clay and hay, which you can spend the night in. It’s absolutely basic, to a Neolithic extent, but you get clean sheets, a pillow and a blanket. It’s suitable for the summer only as there is no heating. Bookings by phone only.

Chavdar, Bulgaria, +359 718 92 448

Kozya Stena Chalet

Kozya Stena Chalet is located in Central Balkan National Park, on the ridge of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountain). It is a unique place to visit, as you’ll need to hike for at least 3 hours to reach the chalet. The rooms are quite basic but the food is great and the view is stunning. Reservations by phone only.

Kozya Stena Chalet, Bulgaria, +359 882 440 757

Balkan Huts Airbnb, Yablanitsa

Balkan Huts Airbnb, Yablanitsa

This yurt-like rustic Airbnb stay will take you away from the city life. There isn’t any electricity inside the room so you can spend a cozy night enjoying the basic joys of life! If you want to enrich your stay, you can join your hosts at Yablanitsa Balkan Huts in the garden, or help produce cheese and yogurt.

Balkan Huts Airbnb, Yablanitsa, Bulgaria

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