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The Stone Mushrooms in Bulgaria | ©
The Stone Mushrooms in Bulgaria | ©
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15 Stunning Rock Formations You'll Only Find in Bulgaria

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Updated: 3 April 2017
Imagine driving along a simple mountain road and suddenly coming across a group of giant stone mushrooms. Or standing in front of a field of giant vertical stones, still keeping the mystery of their origin from scientists. Bulgaria is a land of rock wonders and has a lot to show you. Here’s Culture Trip’s guide of some of the best rock phenomena to see in Bulgaria.
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Belogradchik Rocks

The Belogradchik Rocks have caught the imagination of Bulgarians for centuries and most of the strangely shaped rocks have their own names – the Schoolgirl, the Priest, the Couple, etc. One of the best places to admire them is the Belogradchik fortress, which is partly built in the rocks. Be there for the sunset to see the rocks changing their nuances of red and orange.

ul. “Dedo Bozhin” 15, 3900 Belogradchik, Bulgaria

Tyulenovo Rocks

While the South of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is sandy and touristy, the North is wilder and rocky. A favorite place of climbers and wild camping lovers, the rocky coast near the village of Tyulenovo will amaze you with its arches and shapes. Be there for the sunrise as it’s probably the most beautiful along the Bulgarian coastline.

Stob Pyramids

These natural pyramids are famous for their interesting shapes but also for the amazing legends of love that go along with them. The Stob Pyramids are located just 40 km from the biggest Bulgarian monastery – the Rila Monastery, so you can visit both in a day trip.

Stob Pyramids
Stob Pyramids | © Reneman/WikiCommons
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Melnik Pyramids

Another pyramid-shape formation has created other-worldly landscapes near the smallest Bulgarian town, Melnik. The Melnik Pyramids spread for miles all the way from Melnik town to Rozhen Monastery. The area is famous for its typical wines too, so don’t miss the chance to taste them.

Melnishki piramidi

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Pobitite Kamani (the Stone Desert)

Pobitite Kamani, also known as the Stone Desert, is situated a short drive away from the seaside city of Varna. This is a huge field of stones vertically set in the ground, which as the legend goes, was created by a giant. When it comes to science, though, there is no agreement among the researchers and their origin is still unknown. The sight of the stones only becomes more special because of surrounding uncertainty and mystery.

2, 9144, Bulgaria

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The Stone Wedding

The legend says that a girl and a boy fell in love and wanted to get married but their parents didn’t agree. The young couple kept on insisting and finally the wedding was organized. At the moment when they were about to say “yes”, however, the mother of the groom threw a curse and everyone turned to stone. You can still see the Stone Wedding today near the city of Karzhali, Southern Bulgaria.