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15 Most Beautiful Bulgarian Names and What They Mean

Bulgarian girl | © Anestiev/Pixabay
Bulgarian girl | © Anestiev/Pixabay
The Bulgarian language is full of funny, weird and heartwarming phrases, some of which can be found in other Slavic languages like Serbian, Russian or Slovak. When they think of baby names, Bulgarians often imply more than just a combination of letters; many Bulgarian names involve a good wish for the newborn such as love, glory, happiness, etc. Here are some of the most beautiful Bulgarian names and their meanings.

Lyubov, female

Pronounced like this: Lyu-bove

Lyubov © Ben_Kerckx/Pixabay

Blagorodna, female

Pronounced like this: Blah-go-road-nah

Blagorodna © Snufkin/Pixabay

Naiden, male

Pronounced like this: Ny-den

Naiden © HolgersFotografie/Pixabay

Iglika, female

Pronounced like this: Ee-glee-kah

Iglika © MAKY_OREL/Pixabay

Asparuh, male

Pronounced like this: Ah-spa-rooh

Asparuh © STVIOD/Pixabay

Bagryana, female

Pronounced like this: ba-grya-na

Bagryana © AdinaVoicu/Pixabay

Zhelyazko, male

Pronounced like this: jeh-lyaz-koh

Zhelyazko © ptdh/Pixabay

Zornitsa, female

Pronounced like this: Zor-nee-tsa

Zornitsa © Danfador/Pixabay

Varban, male

Pronounced like this: var-ban

Varban © zzz3304/Pixabay

Ignat, male

Pronounced like this: Ee-gnat

Ignat © suhasrawool/Pixabay

Krasimir, male

Pronounced like this: Kra-see-meer

Krasimir © corinaselberg/Pixabay

Desislava, female

Pronounced like this: Deh-see-sla-va

Desislava © emmzett/Pixabay

Galabin, male

Pronounced like this: Ga-la-been

Galabin © MK817/Pixabay

Rada, female

Pronounced like this: Ra-dah

Rada © Jill111/Pixabay

Ivan, male

Pronounced like this: Ee-van

Ivan ©zsoravecz/Pixabay

Rositsa, female

Pronounced like this: Ro-see-tsa

Rositsa © cocoparisienne/Pixabay