10 Spots To Take A Picture In Sofia’s Center

ivan Vazov National Theatre | © Jerzy Kociatkiewicz/Flickr
ivan Vazov National Theatre | © Jerzy Kociatkiewicz/Flickr
Photo of Mila Cherneva
9 February 2017

Sofia is, indeed, a special place for three main reasons. First of all, it has a rich history and great diversity of tourist sites. Second of all, you can easily find someone who speaks English to give you directions. While it may not be the first person you stop on the street, it is definitely not a mission impossible. Last but not least, it is extremely affordable. Therefore, you do not need to break the bank in order to spend a few days here.

Ivan Vazov National Theatre | © Jerzy Kociatkiewicz/Flickr

Ivan Vazov National Theatre

This is probably the most standard location to take a picture in Sofia, but there is a reason behind it. Tthis building is so spectacular that you will want to carry the memory home with you. It is an example of neoclassical architecture, and it was finished in 1907 (though it was reconstructed in 1929). Observe carefully the elements of the building and afterward, you can take a great picture in front of it or in front of the fountains that are just opposite the theater.

Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Deacon Ignatious’ 5, Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 2 811 9227

Vitosha Street

You definitely need to take a picture on the pedestrian part of Vitosha Street, with the church Sveta Nedelya as a backdrop. The street has a great atmosphere because it is bustling and shows the dynamic mood of the Bulgarian capital. You can also take a picture with your back towards Vitosha mountain as it hugs the city quite beautifully from behind, and seeing it from the center of the capital actually creates a great contrast.

Vitosha Street, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia History Museum

The Sofia History Museum opened quite recently, in September 2015, but it finally gave some practical meaning to one of the most charming spots in the city center. The address is 1 Banski Square. The name comes from the Bulgarian word for bathroom, ‘banya.’ The museum is in the former building of the Central Mineral Baths. If you visit during spring and summer, you can take a picture in front of the great building and the charming garden just outside of it.

Sofia History Museum, 1 Banski Square, Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 2 985 4455

Alexander Nevsky Church

This is one of the biggest ‘tourist photo clichés’ in Sofia. The church is great and impressive. There is no doubt about that. Completed in 1912 and built in a Neo-Byzantine style, it is located in the ideal center of the city. It is quite big, and its golden-pleated domes definitely make it special. Even if you are not religious, you can still enjoy the architectural significance of the church!

Alexander Nevsky Church, pl. Sveti Aleksandar Nevski, Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 2 988 1704

The bar behind the National Library: Once Upon a Time

Bar, European, $$$
Map View
Once Upon A Time Biblioteka is favorite summer spot in Sofia | © ThorstenF/Pixabay
A charming café and bar in the park behind the National Library, this place is open exclusively during the warmer months of the year. With the floating white fabrics and charming furniture placed in the middle of a small park, it definitely creates a romantic landscape for you to take a photo to remember.


Only known by those people who are in the know, Kopitoto is a small place on Vitosha mountain, located about ten minutes away by car from the Boyana neighborhood. It has a bench and really is nothing special. However, the view is amazing. The cool thing about it is that it reveals the whole city below. You can see how it is surrounded by mountains, and you can check out the different neighborhoods. It is especially charming on summer nights, but do not go there for the first time when it is dark, as the place is small and very high.

Kopitoto, Sofia, Bulgaria

From the top

If you want to take pictures with a bird’s-eye landscape behind your back, there are two places that come to mind. One is the restaurant Arhiva, just near the National Theatre Ivan Vazov. It is in the National Archives building opposite the Bulgarian National Bank.

If you want a way more glamorous spot, then you can go to Sense Rooftop Bar. You can see the golden domes of Alexander Nevsky from the luxurious terrace. It is located opposite the Parliament.

Sense Rooftop Bar, 16 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria, +359 700 20 670

On the steps of the Sofia University or the National Art Gallery

Art Gallery, University
Map View
This is a classic one. Steps make such a romantic décor for your tourist photographs. If you have the right angle, you might catch some of the beautiful architecture of these enormous buildings. They are located just five minutes away from each other, so take a walk and get a shot of them both.

The Southern Park (Ujen Park)

Map View
This is the park located at one of the ends of the central Vitosha Boulevard. If you are visiting Sofia during the summer, you might as well have a nice walk around it as it has a great atmosphere with all the people running, children playing, etc. When the flowers bloom, it can be a pretty place to take a photo to remember that sunny day you spent in the Bulgarian capital.

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