10 Reasons To Make Sozopol Your Summer Destination

Photo of Mila Cherneva
20 October 2016

Sozopol is a place where the old, authentic atmosphere meets the new, modern feel of a summer destination. There is so much to offer for any visitor, especially those with an affinity for romantic landscapes, a star-filled sky and an artistic environment. See our ten reasons why you should visit.

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The Historical Sights

As it is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Sozopol has a lot to offer in terms of historical sites. The Southern Fortress Wall, the Archeological Museum and the churches all make it a special place for history enthusiasts.

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The Food

There are many restaurants where you can taste the variety of dishes offered at the Black Sea Coast. The Shopska salad is a great way to start, followed by peppers in tomato sauce, taramasalata, fried zucchini with garlic sauce and fresh fish. For the main course, we recommend the traditional dishes of stuffed peppers, moussaka, and tarator. Make sure to stop by the Turkish bakery on Apollonia Street afterward, to eat one of their delicious creations.

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The Architecture

Walk around the Old Town to get a sense of the architectural spirit of Sozopol. The wooden houses with advanced upper stories are a must-see, with many houses over 100-year-old.

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The Landscapes

For all the Instagram addicts, there are numerous great places to capture Sozopol’s charming beauty. The curvy streets, beautiful houses, the beach and cliffs all make for great backdrops, particularly if you manage to include a sunset or sunrise aswell.

The Beaches

The Old Town beach is right in the center of town, so it is easily accessible. If you want to explore a bit more, you can always head to the beaches of the nearby camping sites, Kavatzi and Smokinya. The Gradina camping site is also a great option, in the direction of Bourgas, the nearby town.

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The Shopping Opportunities

The main streets in the Old and the New town are home to lots of little shops. You can get a portrait, a caricature, a henna tattoo, handmade jewelry, sea-related souvenirs like shells, dried starfish and jewelry, and many other unique gifts. Do not be afraid to buy a jar of fig jam or fresh fruit from an old woman on the street: they are good.

The Cost

One of the best things about being a foreign tourist in Bulgaria is that it is can be very cheap, with a good exchange rate from the euro against the Bulgarian leva. Food in also very reasonably priced with many restaurants in Sozopol offering two or three-course lunch deals for around 7 leva. Travel is also easy by foot, allowing you to save money on transport.

The Transport

Sozopol is located near very near Bourgas, which you can often find direct flights to. Bourgas is 33 kilometers away from Sozopol, while the airport itself is 44 kilometers from the smaller town. It’s easy to get a bus from the airport to the central Bourgas station and board on a bus to Sozopol afterward. There are also well-priced flights from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, to Bourgas.

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Accommodation Options

Accommodation ranges from big hotels with swimming pools to small houses whose owners rent out rooms to travelers, all at very affordable prices. Our recommendation is to aim for a place in or near the Old Town, as the New Town lacks some of the charm and atmosphere of the true Sozopol.

Apolonia Festival

Every year, in the beginning of September, Sozopol becomes one of the most artistic places in the country due to the Apolonia Festival. The festival is home to art exhibitions, book readings, concerts, and theater performances, with many intellectual things to do and see.

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