The Best Boutique Hotels in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hotel | © Pixabay
Hotel | © Pixabay
Photo of Sam Bedford
2 March 2018

Banja Luka, the Republika Srpska’s capital, attracts few tourists, but the long shady streets lined with elegant Austro-Hungarian architecture isn’t to be ignored. With botha cathedral and Roman Fortress, touristsoften say the cityreminds them of Central Europe rather than a recovering Balkan country. Here is a selection of the best boutique hotels in Banja Luka for the adventurous traveller visiting one of Bosnia’s most intriguing destinations.

Hotel Room | © pixabay

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Hotel Cezar, Banja Luka

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Hotel Cezar, with a business traveller’s rate, is Banja Luka’s best for service, facilities and location. Situated near City Park and the government buildings, the hotel has twin, double and superior rooms with an optional balcony. One of the highlights of Hotel Cezar is the on-site restaurant serving up a variety of local dishes and international cuisines around the clock. You can also use its dry-cleaning and laundry services for an additional fee.

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  • Hotel St. Georgije, Banja Luka

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    Hotel St Georgie has 12 basic rooms with private bathrooms and walkin showers. The interior has a stylish design and displays various items that seem to capture Banja Luka’s very essence. Rooms include single, double and triple options, all of which have an in-room safe and complimentary Wi-Fi. Although the hotel isn’t centrally located, the main attractions are within a 20minute walk.

    Kaldera, M-16, Kobatovci

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    Kaldera is 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) from central Banja Luka on the M-16 Banjaluka-Gradiska Highway. Despite the location, the hotel compensates with world-class facilities that would satisfy royalty. A total of 11 guestrooms are inside this villa-like boutique, and you can expect staff to give you a very personal experience.

    The wellness spa, healing mud and selection of three saunas combined with massage services attract guests looking for rest and relaxation. Kaldera has an excellent on-site restaurant serving Serbian, Mediterranean and international cuisines. Visitors are sure to get their money’s worth here, one of the most luxurious hotels in Banja Luka.

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    Hotel Ideja, Banja Luka

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    A renovation in 2017 modernised the décor and facilities at Hotel Ideja to give guests a more elevated experience. Bright and earthy colours in the rooms and the common areas set a pleasant mood and atmosphere. The centrally located boutique hotel has soundproof rooms and free Wi-Fi. Guests tend to rate the breakfast as excellent and enjoy the garden area. Most attractions are within five minutes by foot from Hotel Ideja.

    Хотел • Вила • Врбас •, Banja Luka

    Boutique Hotel
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    Restoran and Hotel Vrbas
    Restoran and Hotel Vrbas | © Rade Nagraisalović/WikiCommons

    If you’re looking for a hotel in Banja Luka with a central location, check out Hotel Villa Vrbas. Opposite Kastel Fortress on the banks of the River Vrbas, the boutique has 12 rooms including doubles, triples and suites. All are equipped with air-conditioning, cable TV and a pair of complimentary slippers to give the final touch.

    Couples tend to consistently give Hotel Villa Vrbas a high rating, mostly because of the excellent location, comfort and stunning outdoor dining area overlooking the river and fortress. You can find cafes, restaurants and a supermarket a few minutes from the hotel. The main attractions are less than one kilometre away.

    Hotel Kamel, Banja Luka

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    The hotel has 12 guestrooms from singles to quadruples, making it suitable for solos, couples and families. Expect a simple yet elegant design with wooden furniture and traditional atmosphere. Guests tend to enjoy the adjoining garden and patio areas. The adjacent restaurant serves some of the tastiest local dishes, including cevapi, that are highlights for guests. Location-wise, this boutique is 2 kilometres (1.24 miles) from Kastel Fortress and the River Vrbas.