The 10 Best Boutique and Cultural Hotels in Sarajevo

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9 February 2017

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia& Herzegovina, is an increasingly popular location for travellers and tourists. It is perfect for a weekend city break or even a relaxing week-long holiday, given the wealth of culture and attractions that the city has to offer. Sarajevo is growing as an important European city, and has an excellent range of hotels to cater towards visitors looking for modern luxury or traditional comfort. Here’s our suggestions of the 10 best boutique, luxury and cultural hotels in the city.

Hotel Europe

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The view from Hotel Europe
The view from Hotel Europe | Ⓒ Terekhova/Flickr
This hotel is one of Sarajevo’s top attractions. Hotel Europe is a five star historic Sarajevo institution. Founded in 1882 and encompassing both Ottoman and Austro Hungarian design styles. It is arguably in the most central location possible, just a stone’s throw from the Old Town and near to the city’s main religious sites. The hotel is modern but has retained much of its original features, notably the Viennese grand café and dining room, which is open to the public and popular with Sarajevo’s classy business elite.

City Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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City Boutique Hotel terrace
City Boutique Hotel terrace | Ⓒ Kevin Anderson/Flickr
Set within the Old Town area and near to a number of sightseeing spots, is City Boutique Hotel, a luxury hotel with 19 modern and comfortable rooms. The rooms are spacious with contemporary bathrooms and the hotel features a delightful roof terrace open to all visitors that provides lovely views of the surrounding area. Given the small size of the hotel, the service is personal and friendly. Breakfast is included, and there is also a bar offering drinks for guests to enjoy on the terrace.

Hotel Central Sarajevo

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Hotel Central Sarajevo is one of the city’s classiest places to stay, located in a central location and set within a lovely historical Austro Hungarian building. The hotel prioritizes comfort and offer large bedrooms as well as generously sized ensuite bathrooms. The hotel is clean and modern and features a uniquely designed basement pool and spa area. The hotel only has 15 rooms in total, which makes it quiet and ensures efficient customer service. There is also a restaurant which offers local dishes as well as international cuisine.

Garni Hotel Konak

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Sarajevo National Library
Sarajevo National Library | Ⓒ Saskia Heijltjes/Flickr
The recently renovated Garni Hotel Konak is situated in the heart of Sarajevo’s Old Town. The interior design is modern but with some traditional touches, such as the carved wood pieces and copper objects that are in keeping with the Old Town atmosphere. The hotel is small and personal, with a free breakfast buffet and airport pick-ups available.

Hotel Lula

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Sarajevo architecture
Sarajevo architecture | Ⓒ Melissa Enderle/Flickr
Hotel Lula is a quaint and cultural hotel near to Sarajevo’s Old Town. It has seven rooms, which makes the hotel quiet and peaceful and it is decorated with traditional Bosnian paintings and patterns. It is set within a traditional building, with only two floors and typical white-wash walls and terracotta roof tiles. The breakfast, which is included, offers local items such as traditional breads and Bosnian coffee.

Hotel Michele

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Hills around Sarajevo
Hills around Sarajevo | Ⓒ nigel321/Flickr
Slightly further away from the busy central tourist area is Hotel Michele, a luxurious hotel hidden behind a modern exterior. The rooms are huge and furnished with antiques going back to the days of the Austro Hungarian Empire, with items such as chandeliers, wardrobes, portraits, and rugs, all reminiscent of another era. The windows and balconies look out on to stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

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  • Exclusive Apartments Bistrick

    Exclusive Apartments Bistrick is a selection of stylish, self-catered apartments in the southern part of the city. The apartments have two bedrooms and feature a bathroom and kitchen, some also include a private terrace. The complex is nestled into the hills, with great views of the city and relaxing landscaped gardens. All the apartments are generously proportioned, with modern and contemporary fixtures and fittings. A great option to enjoy visiting Sarajevo while taking in a more local atmosphere, away from the tourists.

    Bistrik-Medresa, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, +387 61 525 905

    Hotel Boutique 36

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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    Sarajevo Old Town
    Sarajevo Old Town | Ⓒ Journey Jeff’s Pix/Flickr
    Hotel Boutique 36 is found near to the Old Town and is a small boutique hotel with comfortable and contemporary rooms. Regular rooms are available, as are studio apartments and the hotel offers free wifi, a breakfast buffet, and airport transfers. The central location of this hotel, just a five minute walk from the central tourist area, makes it a fantastic option for those wishing to be at the centre of the action.

    Hotel Kovači

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    Kovači area of Sarajevo
    Kovači area of Sarajevo | Ⓒ silvia_c77/Flickr
    Set within a traditional Ottoman building, with an overhanging roof and doksat windows, is Hotel Kovači. It is located at the eastern end of the Old Town. The rooms feature authentic details such as traditional rugs and vintage photos of the city. The rooms are large and bright, while the reception area is light and welcoming. Guests can also sit in a shady terrace area while enjoying a refreshing breakfast.

    Hotel Old Town

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    Right at the centre of the pedestrianized Old Town area of Sarajevo, is Hotel Old Town. The rooms are surprisingly modern and comfortable given the modest prices, with the majority of rooms benefitting from outstanding city views. To truly be in the historical and cultural centre of this vibrant city, Hotel Old Town is an excellent choice.