Best Places To Eat In Koekelberg, Brussels

Basilique de Koekelberg | raramuridesign/Flickr
Basilique de Koekelberg | raramuridesign/Flickr
Photo of Ayla Sileghem
5 November 2016

In the Belgian capital, there is a tiny district called Koekelberg that is famous for its huge Basilica. When visiting the impressive Basilica or the fun Chocolate Village and you need a place to grab some lunch or wrap up the day with a delicious dinner, check out these top places.

Sirre Pâtisserie

This big bakery offers several pastries to satisfy any dessert lover. From regular bread to soft cakes and sugary pastries, Sirre Pâtisserie will have customers coming back for more. Although guests cannot eat in the bakery, if the weather is nice – it’s an ideal spot to grab some snacks and enjoy them at the nearby Elisabeth Park.

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Vintage Brussels

This fun cafe is a great place to have lunch, dinner, or grab a refreshing drink. The meals are the typical Belgian brasserie dishes, simple yet delicious – and often with fries on the side. Besides enjoying a nice lunch, dinner or some great beer, you can also take part in the many events Vintage Brussels organizes including live concerts and art exhibitions.

Vintage Brussels | Courtesy of Vintage Brussels


If good food is what you’re craving, you don’t have to look any further than Gourmandises. The couple that own the place have their roots in Andalusia and the southern tip of Belgium. The food they serve is a delightful mix of Belgian, French and Andalusian food – a European combination that is sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

Gourmandises | Courtesy of Gourmandises

New Luc

New Luc is a great place to wrap up the evening with a Belgian or French dish for dinner. The charming restaurant serves their food in big portions, for reasonable prices. While the good food in Belgian portions might lure you inside, the nice atmosphere and friendly service will make you stay for another glass of wine.

Le Liseron D’Eau

You don’t always need to enjoy Belgian food in Belgium. For those who had quite enough of fries and steak, Le Liseron D’eau is a great spot to get some Vietnamese food close to the Basilica. Though not traditionally Vietnamese, it’s adapted a bit to suit the Belgian taste and is well worth stopping in for a bite to eat.


Outside the lines of Belgian cuisine is Wok2Day. Serving up an Indonesian cuisine, Wok2Day’s menu includes traditional dishes with meat, shrimp or veggie options sautéed with noodles or cooked in a stew. Large portions combined with friendly service make this place a great option in the Koekelberg vicinity.

Le Scenario

For a bit of entertainment with your meal, head to Le Scenario where the interior of the restaurant is decorated with traces of characters from cult series and top films. Mostly based on Belgian cuisine with staples such as mussels or ribs served with a side of Belgian fries, guests are sure to find a dish worth savoring at a great value.