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What's On In Brussels In August

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Updated: 7 October 2016
Brussels is alive and kicking in August with a true bonanza of concerts in charming settings, exciting exhibitions, the world’s most famous flower carpet and more pop-up summer bars than we can count. Let us help you make the most of your August in the city.


THEME PARK | Enjoy a fairy-tale spectacle of lights at Mini-Europe

📅 Saturday 6th, 13th and 20th of August

Mini-Europe, the theme park that houses all of Europe’s finest landmarks in one convenient location, is planning on making its charming miniatures look even more enchanting on the Saturdays of August. When evening falls the models will be illuminated by an extraordinary light display, with musical fireworks to wrap the whole thing up at 10:30pm.

Tickets: €15

📍 Mini-Europe

DRINKS | Enjoy drinks at Bozar’s rooftop summer bar

📅 Every Thursday evening until September 8th

Thursdays are traditionally for late night openings at Bozar, and that inspired the Centre For Fine Arts to turn these evenings into even more of a party by adding a summer bar to the mix. Head all the way up to the rooftop for passionate discussions about the exhibition you just saw, or simply marvel at the Brussels skyline.

📍 Bozar

FESTIVAL | Soak up all things culture at Brussels Summer Festival

📅 Friday, August 5th – Sunday, August 14th

Switching it up this year by adding drama, street theater and children’s activities to the music-centered happenings, Brussels Summer Festival is moving towards a city celebration that everyone can participate in. The ten days of eclectic programming with local talents Dez Mona, Hooverphonic and Lost Frequencies promise to still reign supreme though.

Tickets: €15-€80

📍Place des Palais, Mont des Arts, La Madeleine

ART | Marvel at masterpieces while sipping aperitif

📅 Sunday, August 7th

A little aperitif can be very welcome after being moved by some marvelous art. The Royal Library of Belgium houses no less than seven of the masterpieces of the #100Masters project and is putting them all on display in the LIBRARIUM for the occasion, with a nibble and a drink to follow. The tour starts at 10:30pm. Reserve your spot via

Tickets: €8

📍Royal Library of Belgium


FOLKORE | Be part of a time-old tradition at the planting of the Meyboom

📅 Tuesday, August 9th

Some say the famous Meyboom (Tree of Joy) was first planted after the people of Brussels were attacked by Ghent. Others say the whole thing started because of a dispute between Brussels and Leuven about beer taxes. The fact is that Brusselaars have been proudly planting their tree ever since 1308. The parade carrying the Meyboom leaves at 1:45pm.

📍The corner of the Zandstraat and the Broekstraat

EVENT | Admire a giant carpet arranged with begonias

📅 Friday, August 12th – Monday, August 15th

The lovely fragrance of the 600,000 begonias making up the colorful flower drawing on Brussels’ Grand Place will meet you before you even turn the corner. Over 100 volunteers will put the masterpiece together over a record time of 4 hours, packing the flowers so closely together that they form their own microclimate and keep their splendor for days.

📍 Grand Place

COMICS | Dive into the world of comic genius Frank

📅 Until Sunday, September 4th

Frank Pé is yet another one of those comic strip geniuses to roll out of Brussels in the 20th century. His outstanding illustrations and love of nature have provided us with some of the most breathtaking of comics. At the Brussels Comic Strip Museum you can take a peek behind the curtain of works like the prestigious Zoo and the iconic Broussaille series.

Tickets: €10

📍 Brussels Comic Book Museum

ART | Put your thinking caps on Roland Barthes-style

📅 Until Saturday, November 5th

The Pascal Polar gallery is hosting an exhibition with the tell-all name The Death of the Author. Guests are invited to join the funeral of the artist, yet there’s no coffin, nor any biographical information. Derived of any context, we’re forced to view – spoiler alert – the collages of Karl Waldmann as they are. Gallery Pascal Polar is open every week from Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm to 7pm.

📍 Pascal Polar Gallery


PERFORMING ARTS | Watch groundbreaking performances at Les Brigittines

📅 Thursday, August 18th – Saturday, September 3rd

Inside a breathtaking baroque chapel from the 17th century, the international Les Brigittines festival gives innovative performance artists the chance to try new things. Under the motto ‘art is the only place in the world where everyone is welcome’, Les Brigittines is an inclusive undertaking where the works that are shown, though perhaps radical, are accessible to anyone and everyone.

📍 Petite Rue des Brigittines

THEATER | Take your family to the Theater of the Nomads

📅 Thursday, August 18th – Sunday, August 21st

For four days the lush Brussels Park will be turned into a true nomad village, complete with Berber tents, caravans and tons of free shows for the young and old. The wonderful pop-up world consists of a circus, a theater, food booths and pretty much everything else you could need to spend an entertaining Sunday in the city.

📍 Brussels Park

HISTORY | Walk in the footsteps of Charles V

📅 Until Friday, September 30th

One for history buffs on a low budget, the ‘Carolus V Festival‘ has outlined a trail that will take you back to 16th century Brussels, when Charles V reigned supreme. The city was an essential power hub in the emperor’s territory, being the place where he came of age in 1515 and where he would abdicate his throne 40 years later. The map is available at the tourist office for a mere euro.

Maps: €1

📍 Rue Royale 2

MUSIC | Let the worries of the week wash away at an open air electronic party

📅 Sunday, August 21st

It is on. And by ‘it’ we mean Sunday afternoon for dancing carelessly to relaxing electronic tunes, postponing the Monday vibes for as long as we possibly can. Welcome to ON. Afternoon, a free party in the summer sun and the green surroundings of Tour & Taxi’s Parckfarm.

📍 Parckfarm Tour & Taxis

PHOTOGRAPHY | Make up your own mind about Andres Serrano’s contested oeuvre

📅 Until Sunday, August 21st

August 21st marks the last chance to see Andres Serrano’s revealing retrospective in the Belgian Royal Museums for Fine Arts. Showing all of the famed artist’s most contested photographs, including Piss Christ and the vandalized History of Sex series, it’s well worth carving out the time to take in his works and make up your mind for yourself.

Tickets: €14,50

📍 Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium


MUSIC | Let global sounds get to you at Brussels’ most enchanting festival

📅 Monday, August 22nd – Friday, August 26th

The Feeërieën, Brussels most fairytale-like music festival amidst the trees, will showcase upcoming artist who all have roots in different places, with their travels and different perspectives inspiring their music. Themes such as ‘vocal splendour’ and ‘jazz and its worldly tentacles’ guide us through the program of unknown delights which starts at 7pm each evening.

📍 Brussels Park

MUSIC | Eat your picnic to the tunes of local music legends

📅 Monday, August 22nd – Friday, August 26th

Figuring it’s the last week of the summer holidays and why not go all out, the AB – also to thank for the Feeërieën festival – will host free concerts at the same bandstand during lunchtime. Dubbed ‘Sandwiches in the Park‘, it’s the place to catch local heroes at work. Concerts start at noon and end at 2pm.

📍 Brussels Park

FESTIVAL | Get lost in a world of Latin rhythms

📅 Friday, August 26th – Sunday, August 28th

200 artists, 25 street market stalls, 8 DJs, 6 dance styles, 3 dance battles and 1 mechanical bull – the joys of Fiesta Latina seem boundless, and we haven’t even mentioned the promised food trucks carrying tacos, empanadas, churros and other South American delicacies.

Tickets: €7-€15

📍 Bois de la Cambre

PHOTOGRAPHY | Admire the Eames’ Hollywood pictures

📅 Until Sunday, September 4th

With the ADAM‘s first temporary exhibition winding down, August marks your last chance to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sets of director Billy Wilder’s films through the lens of legendary designer duo Charles and Ray Eames. Eames & Hollywood is a special 233-piece series comprised of photos they took while working on those movies, and it is a testament to the couple’s multifaceted genius.

Tickets: €10


MUSIC | Rediscover Brussels through electronic music

📅 Sunday, August 28th

The last Sunday of each summer month, Brüxsel Jardin brings together lovers of electronic music in fun urban places or at a city green spot they’d forgotten about. Brussels’ electronic music scene has really stumbled upon a golden recipe in the last couple of years: laid-back electronic beats plus sunny rays plus a glimpse of nature equals a lot of happy Brusselaars.

📍 Location yet to be announced


Flagey | © Jan Haerens, courtesy of Flagey / The Broken Circle Breakdown | © Movieclips Trailer/Youtube | A Lighthouse for Lampedusa in Brussels | © Renaud Schrobiltgen, courtesy of Bozar | A Lighthouse for Lampedusa parts | © Courtesy of Bozar
Flagey | © Jan Haerens, courtesy of Flagey / The Broken Circle Breakdown | © Movieclips Trailer/Youtube | A Lighthouse for Lampedusa in Brussels | © Renaud Schrobiltgen, courtesy of Bozar | A Lighthouse for Lampedusa parts | © Courtesy of Bozar

FILM | Watch Flemish cinema at its peak

📅 Monday, August 29th – Tuesday, August 30th

Flagey has dedicated part of its summer movie program to the success of Flemish cinema since the 00’s – looking at the selections, we can certainly see why. Standing tall among them Felix Van Groeningen’s Academy Award-nominated The Broken Circle Breakdown, the movie that taught Belgian audiences the joys of a great bluegrass soundtrack. Screenings are arranged for Monday at 8:15pm and Tuesday at 9:30pm.

Tickets: €7

📍 Flagey

ART | Carry on the refugee conversation at Bozar

📅 Until Wednesday, August 31st

By putting a symbolic lighthouse installation on Bozar‘s rooftop – also the location of that Thursday summer bar we mentioned earlier – artist Thomas Kilppner confronts us with the personal belongings left behind on the Italian island by refugees. A Lighthouse for Lampedusa is only in Brussels until August 31, after which it will be traveling to Kunsthaus in Dresden, Germany.

📍 Bozar