Top 10 Things To See And Do In Woluwe-St-Pierre, Brussels

Mellaerts | © Stephane Mignon/Flickr
Mellaerts | © Stephane Mignon/Flickr
Photo of Vasiliki Boukouvala
9 February 2017

Woluwe-St-Pierre (WSP) is a residential municipality of Brussels, not far away from the city center. It is situated in the south-east part of Brussels and is considered one of the most prosperous and greenest areas of the capital of Europe, making it perfect for a more laid-back approach to discovering the city.

Woluwe Park | © Nyx Clips

Visit Woluwe Park

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Mellaerts | © Stephane Mignon/Flickr
In general, Belgians are pretty serious regarding the protection and preservation of their city’s green areas. You will find Woluwe Park right at the intersection of Tervueren Avenue and Souverain Boulevard; dedicate a few hours to make the tour and admire nature at its finest. Various species find refuge in the park and its ponds (Étang Rond and Étang Long), so be prepared to see a few ducks, swans, gulls and rabbits during your tour.

Relax by Mellaerts Ponds

The same breathtaking view and a tribute to mother nature can also be found just opposite the Woluwe Park at Mellaerts Ponds (Étangs Mellaerts). The old and famous Brasserie des Étangs Mellaerts, a restaurant opened by the Mellaerts family, is highly recommended. Moreover, there is a mini-golf court for anyone who would like to test their skills at golf. One can also try canoeing, if the weather allows it. During the winter, the landscape changes significantly as the lakes are frozen.

La Brasserie Des Étangs Mellaerts, Boulevard du Souverain 275, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 779 36 19

Travel down the old Bruxelles-Tervueren railway

This old railway line was the connecting link between Quartier Léopold in Brussels and the center of Tervueren village. Currently, it is a magnificent walk for pedestrians and cyclists, and it runs through the municipalities of WSP and Auderghem. Make sure to walk the entire length of this path for another dose of nature’s beauty.

Saint-Paul Church | © Nyx Clips

Explore the Stockel area

All around Dumon Square in Stockel, you can probably find everything you may need, including all kinds of shops, places to eat or have a coffee, a movie theater and much more. There is also an open-air market every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday (marché de Stockel). Don’t miss the mural painting of Tintin, an outstanding work courtesy of Bob de Moor and the Studio Hergé. It is inside the metro station of Stockel, and if you are a Hergé fan (or a comic art fan in general), you will be able to identify more than 140 characters that are represented from no less than 22 Tintin comic strips.

Hôtel Communal Woluwe-Saint-Pierre | © Nyx Clips

Visit the city hall

The city hall is a monumental building of Flemish Neo-Renaissance style and has a 65-meter-tall tower endowed with a clock where the signs of the zodiac appear, along with an electronic set of 18 bronze bells. Next to the city hall, you will spot WHALLL, the cultural center of WSP. If you are in the mood for a dance show, movie, concert, and/or exposition, check the program where you will most certainly find something that will suit your preferences.

City Hall, Venue Charles Thielemans 93, Brussels, Belgium

Check out Maison Gombert

This building is the work of the architect Huib Hoste, made for the engineer Gombert. You may be interested to know that in 1995, it was declared as a monument by the relevant authorities of Brussels. It is truly an eye-catching six-level construction, built on an inclined and triangular landscape, and is currently owned by a company to house its own offices.

Wittockiana Library | © Nyx Clips

Grab a good read at the Wittockiana Library

Once upon a time, there was a book lover who went by the name Michel Wittock. Mr. Wittock desired to put his private collection of books in just one place. Then, the architect Emmanuel de Callatay made his appearance and designed this building in order to make Wittock’s dream come to life. Bookworms and huge book fans will highly appreciate this place. The visitor is warmly welcomed by a big book made out of stone, while many other masterpieces are waiting to be found all over the museum corridors.

Wittockiana Library, Rue du Bemel 21-23, Brussels, Belgium

Admire Stoclet Palace

This edifice was the residence of the Belgian banker Adolphe Stoclet. There is a bronze statue of Athena, clearly visible, as well as four male figures (situated at the top of the tower) who scan the surroundings as good watchmen do. The inside of the residence is decorated with precious marble; the music room has paintings of the Belgian painter Knopf; and the dining room is decorated with a set of works of art made by Gustav Klimt. Stoclet Palace was registered at the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2009. Although the residence is not open to the public, the building is worth passing by to get a glimpse of the beautiful architecture.

Stoclet Palace, Avenue de Tervueren 279, Brussels, Belgium

Visit the Tram Museum

Ιf you find the doors of the museum open, you will have the chance to admire a large collection of old public transport vehicles, which for many years served the residents of Brussels. You will notice that trams used to be charming, with open platforms and beautiful forms. As time has gone by, trams have become more comfortable but less beautiful. It is also worth noting that some of these vehicles are still in working order. Therefore, don’t forget to ask for more info about how and when you can take a trip on an old tram through the Soignes Forest or to the Cinquantenaire Park.

Tram Museum, Avenue de Tervueren 364B, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 515 31 08

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