This Hot Belgian Couple Are Travelling the World Naked And Posting It on Instagram

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Food Editor10 November 2017

Discovering that you’re holidaying in a nudist resort and finding out that being naked is mandatory sounds like the kind of nightmare you wake up from with a start.

But for this Belgian couple, it was the start of something that would change their lives forever.

Nick and Lins, a couple in their mid-30s, are now famous for travelling while in the buff and taking photos of their naked adventures for their popular social media channels.

They found naturism when they went to a naked spa and sauna, as they had a gift voucher that needed using.

They overcame the initial awkwardness of being naked among strangers and found that they loved the freedom and relaxation that came with naturalism.

After visiting naked spas several more times, Lins and Nick began experimenting with going to naturalist beaches and resorts. They write on their blog: ‘The liberation of taking off our clothes was extraordinary, it was pure freedom.’

The pair are hoping to ‘show the world that naturism is really something for everybody, no matter of age, gender, profession or location’ and are passionate about their mission, writing about myths and taboos around the practise of nudism and acting as a gateway to the habit for those who are unfamiliar with it.

They are respectful and appropriate with their love of nudism, only partaking in it when alone at home or in remote locations, or at nudist resorts.

Their experience and voice have proved popular on social media. The couple have 8,000 Instagram followers and a popular Facebook page where they answer queries and share their travels.

The couple ‘enjoy the simple fact of being naked. We love to walk around naked and we love to hang out among other naked people.’

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