The Top 10 Restaurants Near The European Quarter, Brussels

The miracle that is pulled pork | Courtesy of Cool Bun
The miracle that is pulled pork | Courtesy of Cool Bun
Photo of Stephanie Benoit
9 February 2017

Inextricably associated with the European Union and straight-laced eurocrats, the European Quarter in Brussels is nevertheless full of culinary surprises (and indeed, this is a neighborhood with much more to do and see than most people imagine). From authentic Taiwanese to mouthwatering burgers, check out our top picks below.

The mezzanine | Courtesy of Living Room


The recipe to Karsmakers’ success lies in its simplicity as it serves only the golden trinity of coffee, cakes and bagels. Karsmakers ensures that these are all prepared to perfection, and their enduring popularity is a testament to this.
Address: 20 Rue des Trèves, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 502 02 26


This is the go to place in the neighborhood for your ramen noodle fix. Originally located in Place Flagey, Kokuban recently opened another outpost in the European Quarter to the benefit of all. The noodle soups are just as delicious as ever, and with less crowds, it really is a win-win situation.
Address: Place Jean Rey, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 720 00 77

The miracle that is pulled pork | Courtesy of Cool Bun

The miracle that is pulled pork | Courtesy of Cool Bun

Maison Antoine

Located on the Place Jourdan, Maison Antoine is another of Brussels’ very famous frietkoten. Opened in 1948, and still run by the same family, Maison Antoine beat Frit Flagey and hundreds of others to win the coveted first place in the fritomètre contest, in which the Belgian public votes for their favorite frietkot in the country.

Address: 1 Place Jourdan, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 230 54 56

Mer du Nord

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Echoing the New York salad bar
Echoing the New York salad bar | Courtesy of Letiuz
A Brussels institution, Mer du Nord has its original location on Place Saint-Catherine but has branched out to the European Quarter. Technically a fishmonger, Mer du Nord is famous for serving some of the freshest, most delicious fish in Brussels. The menu has plenty of choices, but don’t expect much sitting space (the European Quarter branch does, however, have a few tables upstairs). This is one you can’t miss.


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If you’re in the mood for a light, healthy lunch, Letiuz is the place to be. A veritable salad bar, you can completely customize your salad so that it doesn’t include any of those tired old salad clichés included almost everywhere else. The design of the place is lovely, so this is a great recommendation for vegetarians and salad lovers in the neighborhood.

Tai Hon

Restaurant, Taiwanese, German, Asian, Vegetarian, $$$
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The go-to place for German cuisine
The go-to place for German cuisine | Courtesy of Le Maxburg
One of Brussels’ best kept secrets, Tai Hon is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant run by the lovely Mr. Ho and his wife. The food is absolutely delicious and comes at very reasonable prices. In fact, this is one of those restaurants you tend not to recommend to people because you want to keep it all to yourself — it’s that good.

Le Maxburg

Restaurant, German, Belgian, $$$
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Fun and funky wallpaper
Fun and funky wallpaper | Courtesy of Chez Mauricette
German cuisine tends to get a bad rap, and unjustly so. Le Maxburg is here to prove the haters wrong, by serving great, authentic German food bursting with flavor. The clientele in the restaurant is also mostly German (always a good sign), as is the multilingual staff, so if you’re feeling in the mood for some schnitzel and weissbier, don’t hesitate to try out this great address.

Chez Mauricette

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Breakfast amongst Scandinavian design
Breakfast amongst Scandinavian design | Courtesy of Living Room
Featuring a fun and funky design on the inside, Chez Mauricette is an efficient lunch spot where the food is priced by the kilo, and you choose your dish as you walk along the counters to the cashier. There is a juice bar, a salad bar and a selection of healthy and plentiful main courses, making this an ideal place for lunch with colleagues, friends or family.