The Top 10 Restaurants In Uccle, Belgium

Oven-roasted goodness | Courtesy of Charlotte Café/Cuisine
Oven-roasted goodness | Courtesy of Charlotte Café/Cuisine
Uccle is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Brussels. Covering quite a large area, it is mainly residential, housing predominantly well-to-do families. As a result, the restaurants in the area might not be the most budget friendly, but they exude class and sophistication, prioritizing quality over quantity, and the result is worth every penny. Read on for our round-up of the best restaurants in Uccle.
The finishing touch Courtesy of Relais St. Job

Caffè al Dente

Restaurant, Bar, Italian, Belgian, $$$
Caffè al Dente is as good as Italian food gets. Serving fresh, delicious Italian cuisine actually prepared by a real Italian mamma, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, and they have recently added a grocery store and wine bar to the premises.
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I Monticelli

I Monticelli is somewhat legendary. The interior has improved a little since they moved to their new premises (think football posters and a disheveled billiards table to get an idea of their previous interior), but here the focus is all about the food. And the food is truly wonderful. A true family business, I Monticelli is the real deal, with fantastic, high-quality dishes by Chef Michaël and his family.
I Monticelli, 153 Rue Edith Cavell, Brussels, Belgium +32 253 435 85

Peaceful surroundings | Courtesy of Le Chalet de la Forêt

Peaceful surroundings | Courtesy of Le Chalet de la Forêt

Le Chalet de la Forêt

Diner, Restaurant, French, $$$
Le Chalet de la Forêt is more than just a top quality gastronomic restaurant; it’s an experience in itself, where care has been given to even the tiniest of details. But don’t be scared by its impressive credentials; the atmosphere is exceedingly welcoming and the beautiful surroundings of the restaurant strike a perfect balance between classic elegance and trendy modernity. This is one restaurant that has truly elevated food to an art form.
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Au Vieux Spijtigen Duivel

Another Uccle institution that simply should not be missed. Au Vieux Spijtigen Duivel is one of the oldest estaminets in Brussels. It is said that Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire and even Emperor Charles Quint himself all stopped here for a pint at some point in history, and it isn’t hard to understand why, as the Spijtigen Duivel is still just as charming as ever.
Au Vieux Spijtigen Duivel, 621 Chaussée d’Alsemberg, Brussels, Belgium +32 234 434 55

La Branche d’Olivier

Bistro, Restaurant, European, French, Belgian, $$$
Hints of lavender
Hints of lavender | Courtesy of Koyzina Authentica
This lovely little bistro specializes in unpretentious, good quality fare. It is a tad old-fashioned, but La Branche d’Olivier proves that it certainly isn’t a bad thing to stay true to tradition, and this is evidenced by its high number of returning customers.
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Charlotte Café/Cuisine

Bistro, Cafe, Restaurant, European, Belgian, $$$
"Volaille aux morilles" - bon appétit!
"Volaille aux morilles" - bon appétit! | Courtesy of Le Pigeon Noir
Charlotte Café/Cuisine takes its name from a familiar face in the neighborhood; a certain Charlotte who used to run a frietkot (a french fries stand) near the premises of the café (called Le Vieux Dieweg back in the day). The owners of Charlotte Café/Cuisine have dedicated their brand new restaurant to her, and even staged a fictional marriage between Charlotte and Émile, another famous character from Brussels who has his very own bistro dedicated to him. The food is great and the terrace is perfect for a drink or two, so don’t hesitate to try out this wonderful new address.
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Le Pigeon Noir

Restaurant, French, Belgian, European, $$$
Le Pigeon Noir is another local favorite, with one of the best price-to-quality ratios in the neighborhood. Genial chef Henri de Mol presents his dishes with passion and enthusiasm, making your mouth water before even seeing the food. Everything is fresh and of high quality, and the food in combination with the restaurant’s rustic atmosphere make this a great foodie destination.
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