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Behind the bar at Cafe Belga
Behind the bar at Cafe Belga | © Alper Çuğun/Flickr
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The Top 10 Bars In Place Flagey, Brussels

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Place Flagey is at the heart of the Ixelles district in Brussels. Between the European Quarters and the city center, Place Flagey is known for being the multicultural and underground scene for non-stop Brussels life. From artists to traders, visitors will find everything and everyone here. Here you can grab some ideas for places to drink and eat at Place Flagey.
Place Flagey | © Jopparn/Wikicommons
Place Flagey | © Jopparn/Wikicommons
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Le Pantin

From the first homemade meal until the last round, Le Pantin offers a unique space to find the crazy-new-wave locals of Ixelles and Place Flagey surroundings. A wide variety of bottled and on-tap Belgium beers and a serious collection of alcohol washes down the munchies offered, which are available until 10 pm. Whether you are looking to read a book in a private corner with a veggie sandwich, play chess or Backgammon games with a smooth Belgian pint, or enjoy a DJ set or an acoustic concert, you will find an outlet for all these desires at Le Pantin.

Address: Chaussée d’Ixelles 355, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 640 80 91

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Café Belga

Known as a real stalwart of the Brussels night life, Café Belga is the kind of place everyone ends up at one time or another. It is one of these all-in-one bars where you can bring your laptop to work with a hot cup of coffee or throw the perfect pre-party and hang out with old friends (or new). Enjoy the fabulous terrace of Belga during sunny days or warm up behind its big windows during the cold winter days. Messy but classy, Belga is the pinnacle of the multicultural Brussels lifestyle.

Address: Place Eugène Flagey 18, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 640 35 08

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L’épaulé jeté

L’épaulé jeté, offers its visitors the unique ‘Lieu de vie‘ (place to life) bar concept. Organized aperitifs, brunch during the weekend, a wide variety of tapas and take away food, entertainment for kids, and even the opportunity to do your laundry while enjoying a Belgian beer are all possible at this place! With its big terrace and spacious bar, customers can also find a party atmosphere with interesting rums and whiskeys until 3am during the weekend. If you know how to be patient, the experience at L’épaulé jeté will have you feeling at home in no time.

Address: Place Flagey 13, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 644 40 93

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Le Tigre

Le Tigre is a solid option in the Ixelles district on the way to Flagey. During the week, with special DJ sets on Friday and Saturday, Le Tigre turns on the party with one of the most crowded and cool atmospheres around. A wide variety of cocktails and a consistently cool music selection make Le Tigre the perfect place to warm-up before party time.

Address: Rue de la Brasserie 117, Brussels, Belgium

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Pitch Pin

Pitch Pin is quite different from the other the bars in Place Flagey; it has a warm, welcome, and friendly atmosphere that only a traditional bar can offer. At one of the most emblematic bars of Place Flagey, enjoy a Belgian Pilsner with your fries or a delicious coffee after the traditional weekend market held at Place Flagey.

Address: Chaussée de Vleurgat 2, Brussels, Belgium +34 2 646 60 57

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The Black Sheep

When you are looking for place to watch a game, have a good beer, or even indulge in a yummy burger, take a trip to The Black Sheep. Open at 5pm, this place is a paradise for beer lovers. It has one of the biggest selections of draft and international beers offered in the Place Flagey area. It’s not only beer lovers who will find pleasure at The Black Sheep; foodies will appreciate its delicious homemade burgers and special fish and chips, which are served until closing time. Good beer and great food make The Black Sheep a prime spot for international soirées and game nights.

Address: Boondaalsesteenweg 8, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 644 38 03

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De Valera’s Irish Pub

In any bar repertory, a real Irish pub is a must; De Valera’s offers you the perfect place to enjoy a dark and tasty Guinness. This is a great alternative to the pubs Downtown or in the European Quarter. Burgers and a good choice of snacks are provided, but don’t forget the wide selection of imported beers and a cool collection of alcohols. Enjoy the terrace during sunny days for a meal, a match, or a typical after-work chat over a couple of pints.

Address: Place Eugène Flagey 17, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 649 80 54

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When finding somewhere to eat at 9:30pm becomes tricky, you feel your tummy roar after your first drink, or you miss the tasty tapas that you discovered during your last Spanish trip, Munchy’s is the perfect find. A cozy space that feels like a friend’s apartment, Munchy’s lovely terrace opens its door to the perfect Spanish ‘eat, share, drink, and laugh’ experience. Served by Spaniards, without microwave reheating, a diverse variety of tasty tapas and an interesting selection of Spanish wines make Munchy’s a great Mediterranean experience.

Address: Chaussée d’Ixelles 347, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 851 06 13

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L’Amère à boire

If Belgium is the cradle of beer, L’Amère à boire is the banner of craft and traditional beers in Place Flagey. L’Amère à boire is about passion, excellence, and love for fermented malting barley and wheat. Local brewers are frequently featured in the Amère à boire menu, as well as season beers on tap and special editions by the bottle. Beer specialists, beer beginners, and, of course, beer lovers will find at L’Amère the ideal aperitif and the beer degustation bar at Place Flagey.

Address: Rue du Belvédère 8, Brussels, Belgium +32 488 46 57 86

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Bar du Marché

Just a couple of steps away from Place Flagey, this bar has carved out a place for itself in the capital with ease and expertise. During the day, Bar du Marché is the perfect bar to relax and sum up the day with a lovely after-work drink. However, if you feel your party fever rising up, Bar du Marché is also a staple of Flagey’s nightlife (it’s open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays).

Address: Rue Alphonse De Witte 12, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 648 31 05