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Hotel Bloom! | Courtesy of Hotel Bloom
Hotel Bloom! | Courtesy of Hotel Bloom
Photo of Paulina Gono
19 January 2018

Get the most out of traveling and experience how it feels when merely staying in the hotel is an adventure. Explore extraordinary rooms and creatively decorated abodes, and discover the stories behind the artworks dotting these unique lodgings in Brussels. While staying in such an inspiring place you can almost forget to visit the city itself.

The Pantone Hotel

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Courtesy of Pantone Hotel Brussels / Hotels.com
Experience the hotel which takes colors seriously. The Pantone Hotel refers to the Pantone Color Matching System which standardized colors and made their reproduction easier. The hotel, created by Michel Penneman and Oliver Hannaert, is like a color playground with furniture and decorations marked with a color code according to the system. It does not matter if you like mint cream, purple or fuchsia, every guest will find their favorite hue here.

Hotel Welcome

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Tibet room at Hotel Welcome
Tibet room at Hotel Welcome | Courtesy of the owner
Travel around the world while staying in the same place? Yes, that is possible in Hotel Welcome. Each of the 17 rooms is decorated in different styles representing a variety of countries. Although you just arrived in Brussels, you can spend a night in Vietnam, Congo, Bali or Kenya. The hotel’s success can be attributed to the owners’ enthusiasm for travel; each of the furniture pieces were collection from their holidays around the world.

Hotel Bloom!

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Hotel Bloom!
Hotel Bloom! | Courtesy of Hotel Bloom! 

A brilliant idea is behind the conception of the Hotel Bloom! The owners asked 287 artists from the European Art School to paint their interpretation behind the expression ‘to bloom.’ The result is numerous unique and stylish rooms, each with their own distinct hand-painted mural. Guests can even choose the room they wish to stay in, allowing the opportunity of a different artistic experience at each visit.

Be Manos

4.4/5 (581 Reviews)
Be Manos Room
Be Manos Room | Courtesy of Be Manos
Rated as one of the most luxurious and trendy hotels in the world, Be Manos offers comfort and modernity envisaged through a wellness room and rooftop lounge. The black and white photographs, however, are what make this hotel extraordinary. Models captured by the photographer Carol Kohen are friends and colleagues of the owner.

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  • Hotel Vintage

    Budget Hotel, Hotel
    4.3/5 (399 Reviews)
    Hotel Vintage
    Hotel Vintage | Courtesy of the owner

    The most extravagant feature in Hotel Vintage is definitely the Airstream caravan parked outside in the front yard. It is not just a funky decoration but an actual room for two. The caravan from 1958 with a shiny aluminum body – typical for this brand – is fully renovated with modern conveniences. Truly a prime example of ‘glamping.’

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    Hotel Manos Premier

    4.1/5 (91 Reviews)
    The only possible way to travel in time! The Hotel Manos Premier located near Avenue Louise is full of antiques collected by the owners, which can evoke the feeling of a time gone by. Relax in the stunning butterfly drawing room with its butterfly collection or enjoy the sunshine in the hotel’s private garden with beautiful water fountains.

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    Train Hostel

    Hostel, Hotel
    4/5 (163 Reviews)
    Train Hostel, Avenue Georges Rodenbach
    Train Hostel, Avenue Georges Rodenbach | Courtesy of The Train Hostel 

    Enjoy a night in an authentic and renovated carriage located on the edge of the rooftop of the Train Museum. How crazy does that sound? Definitely crazy enough to add it to your list of things to do in Brussels. The carriage for two people is fully equipped and authentically decorated. For groups of people, fully-restored cabins are also available. No tickets are needed for traveling in dreams.

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