The Most Popular Nightclubs in Brussels

Berlin DJ Len Faki setting Fuse on fire | © / Courtesy of Fuse
Berlin DJ Len Faki setting Fuse on fire | © / Courtesy of Fuse
Photo of Nana Van De Poel
19 March 2017

Though it has a smaller scale to work with than a lot of other European capitals, Brussels still manages to scrape together a decent clubbing scene where both the electric-adoring melomaniac and the fun-loving dance enthusiast can have a great time. Converted churches, old cinemas, and swanky parties in the middle of the woods make for magnificent settings in this list of Brussels’ most frequented nightclubs.


Blowing out 23 candles in April 2017, Fuse has moved itself front and center of the capital’s nightlife scene by way of top-notch electronic programming. The venerable Marolles club has become a Brussels institution through an impeccable taste that has warranted the founding of their own label, Fuse Records. The name is likely to ring a bell when discussing the European techno scene with international nightlife animals. Expect a riveting mix of established underground talents, exciting experimentalists, and big name recording artists such as Daft Punk.

Fuse, Rue Blaes 208, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 511 97 89

Fuse | © / courtesy of Fuse

Fuse | © / Courtesy of Fuse


Another great bet for a night on the town in the Marolles district, Bazaar has had promising party concepts from the groovy Oldschool series to Dancehall Station flocking to its doorstep. The two-floor event venue might go through several musical genres and multiple parties in any given weekend, but once a month, it’s the hall’s own turn to blow the roof off the place.

Bazaar, Rue des Capucins 63, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 511 26 00

You Night Club

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Adored by a young crowd of late teens and early 20-somethings, You Night Club is where a lot of students choose to let off steam after (or during) a long week – a fact all the more emphasized by its meme-enamored social media presence. While always gay-friendly, Sundays are when LGBTQ youth really let their rainbow flag fly at “Le You,” and themed parties – think après-ski and “all white” – are welcomed in good cheer.

Madame Moustache

A delightful hybrid that floats somewhere between a club and a cabaret with a freak show streak, the gaudily decorated Madame Moustache is something special indeed. This downtown venue likes to change things up every day of the week, so taking a good hard look at the programming is key. You wouldn’t want to show up in your polka dot dress for live DJ nights or be caught off guard without your boots just when the rockabilly fests start going.

Madame Moustache, Quai au Bois à Brûler 5–7, Brussels, Belgium, +32 489 73 99 12

Madame Moustache | © Alexia Machet / Courtesy of Madame Moustache

Madame Moustache | © Alexia Machet / Courtesy of Madame Moustache

Mirano Continental

“Location, location, location” – this is what the lux Mirano Continental’s owners must have thought when stumbling upon an old 1912 movie theater located just northwest of the city center. Keeping the legendary building’s original structure, grand entrance, and in some way event projections, they transformed the place into Brussels’ poshest R&B nightclub, rotating podium and all.

Mirano Continental, Chaussée de Louvain 38, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 227 39 42

Bloody Louis

Before Bloody Louis arrived, the spacious Louise Gallery in the heart of Brussels went through lots of different incarnations, none of which proved too intriguing – or lasting. Tarantino-inspired with a young, casual clientele and pink neon lights, the fresh-faced Bloody Louis has taken a different route in its three-year existence. “We don’t sleep, we dream,” its motto goes, and with some fantastic musical nights led by Martin Solveig, Snakehips, Diplo, Major Lazer and Drake on its resumé, that seems entirely plausible.

Bloody Louis, Avenue Louise 32, Brussels, Belgium, +32 477 08 22 22

Bloody Louis ringing in the new year | courtesy of Bloody Louis

Bloody Louis ringing in the new year | Courtesy of Bloody Louis


Some think it is wonderful, while others consider it the pinnacle of gaudiness – whatever the case, an opinion is to be had about Spirito’s lush conversion of an old church into a crystal-and-gold temple of the night. Sumptuous as can be, you’ll need the right kind of outfit to get in – the more glitter, the better. Once on their mammoth of a dance floor, sweeping dance beats and champagne are king and queen.

Les Jeux d’Hiver

“The Winter Games” is the literal name of this popular, preppy club, and it can actually be quite a game to get in here since they usually organize “members only” parties. Born in the ‘80s, it’s Les Jeux d’Hiver’s location in a clearing of the Bois de la Cambre woods that speaks to the imagination of an exclusive clientele. A reservation at its restaurant should guarantee you access and offers a lovely French dinner before the DJ guides you into a night of commercial music and flowing bubbly.

Les Jeux d’Hiver, Chemin du Croquet 1, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 649 08 64