The Best Places To Buy Macarons In Brussels, Belgium

Macarons | © Michael Stern/Flickr
Macarons | © Michael Stern/Flickr
Photo of Chris Case
28 October 2016

Brussels is home to a large variety of culinary treats. Seek to satisfy the sweet tooth with an enjoyable dessert item. To accomplish this, check out these amazing places to buy a macaron or two in the Belgian city.

Pierre Marcolini

While taste is subjective, Pierre Marcolini’s macarons will be at the top of any pastry aficionado’s ‘best of’ list. These wonderfully light and intensely flavored creations come in 14 different flavors and can be purchased in packages of seven, 12, 20, or more. In addition to the normal selection of flavors, Pierre Marcolini offers special edition flavors from time to time.

Pierre Marcolini, Rue des Minimes 1, Brussels, Belgium, +32 251 412 06 (additional locations throughout Brussels)


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Wittamer cafe
Wittamer cafe | Courtesy of Wittamer
Starting in 2003, Wittamer broke out on the crowded Belgium chocolate market to ultimately become one of the best chocolatiers in Belgium, if not the world. With a selection of 14 delectably decadent flavors to choose from at this place, buyers will have no trouble finding a particular macaron to complement their favorite after-dinner drink. To highlight the significance of their achievements over the past 13 years, Wittamer is one of only two chocolatiers to be awarded the Belgian Royal Warrant Appointment. This appointment means they provide chocolate and pastries to the Belgian Royalty. This proves why visitors should sample their wares to see for themselves if this appointment is correct.


The oldest company of artisans on this list is this Paris-based purveyor of luxury sweets. Founded in 1862, the bakers at Ladurée have perfected the art of extravagant delicacies while expanding their business into new markets. Thankfully, Brussels was included in their master plan. Offering a permanent selection of 12 mostly traditional flavors (licorice being the stand out both in flavor and exclusivity), a seasonal offering of four additional flavors can be enjoyed. An interesting side note for Ladurée is their being chosen to craft the macarons seen in the 2006 movie, Marie Antoinette.

Laduree, 40 Place de Grand Sablon, Brussels, Belgium, +32 254 085 63


Offering a huge selection of flavors, Leonidas is one of the more popular chocolatiers in Belgium. Founded in Brussels in 1913 by a Greek-American, Leonidas has positioned itself well by offering a vast selection of pastries at a very affordable price. Offering options for almost everyone, Leonidas has the largest selection of non-traditional flavors such as tomato-basil, crab and lime, and foie gras chocolate. While not traditional, these flavors are done exceptionally well and are worth a try.

Leonidas, Rue au Beurre 34, Brussels, Belgium, +32 221 803 63 (additional locations throughout Brussels)

Brian Joyeux

As a relatively new confectioner, this cozy, family-run operation has distinguished itself nicely by becoming one of the best patisseries in the Brussels area despite their small size. Presenting a selection of 16 amazing flavors, Brian Joyeux offers visitors the opportunity to view the magic of creating these pieces of art. While all the flavors are incredible, the mojito and jasmine tea are particularly tasty.

Brian Joyeux, Rue De Congress 3, Brussels, Belgium, +32 221 909 3