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Moroccan lanterns | © Christine Olson/Flickr
Moroccan lanterns | © Christine Olson/Flickr

The Best Moroccan Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Moroccan food is not difficult to find in Brussels. However, good Moroccan food takes a bit of searching through trial and error. Here are our favorite places in the Belgian city.

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Unlike many North African restaurants, BabDar has a very modern vibe to it. It mixes Arabic influences with minimalist design. The restaurant opened in 2011 and has since become a fixture on the Brussels restaurant scene. Couscous and tajines are on offer alongside grilled meats, which can all be rounded off with sticky sweet desserts and fresh mint tea. The bill does not come cheap, but the restaurant is one of the best to serve Moroccan food in Brussels.

BabDar Cusine du Maroc, Chaussée de Charleroi 85, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 534 96 49

Le Kasbah

When entering Le Kasbah, you could easily think you have entered one of the 1001 Arabian Nights stories. Numerous — 120 to be exact — colored lanterns decorate the ceiling of this Moroccan restaurant. This makes it feel mystical and exotic at the same time. Le Kasbah is regularly voted among the top Moroccan restaurants in Brussels, and its cuisine never disappoints. A big variety of cold and hot starters set the mood. These can be complemented with dishes such a Kasbah Royale, tajine of lamb with prunes or merguez skewers. This place is firm favorite on the Brussels dining scene; booking is advisable.

Kasbah, Rue Antoine Dansaert 20, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 502 40 26

Mille et Une Nuits

The name (Arabian Nights) hints to the atmosphere you will find inside — an Arabic fairytale in the heart of Brussels. The restaurant is dimly lit with low couches and tables, providing seating at almost ground level. Huge silver tables provide a resting place for gold tea trays and a feast of delicious food. Portions are generous. The food is sweet and savory at the same time, hinting to faraway and exotic lands. At Mille et Une Nuits, you will feel like you’ve been swept away to Morocco. The couscous royale is delicious, as is the lamb tajine.

Mille et Un Nuits, Rue de Moscou 7, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 537 41 27

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La Khaima

La Khaima has been built and decorated to look and feel like a berber tent. When entering, you leave Brussels behind and are welcomed into Morocco. Despite its location being a bit off the beaten track in Auderghem, the restaurant is usually buzzing. As in almost all Moroccan restaurants, tajines and couscous dominate the menu. However, more interesting variations such as tajine with keftas and eggs or couscous mechoui make a visit worth the trip to Auderghem.

La Khaima, Chaussée De Wavre 1390, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 675 00 04

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Le Touareg

Since a Michelin inspector recommended Le Touareg as one of Brussels’ better cheaper spots, the restaurant has been full. The name stands for a man wearing a blue turban, thus known as the Blue Man. The restaurant offers a delicious fish tajine, which is heaven for any fish lover. Besides the food, it also has an extensive wine list. This makes the whole dining experience so much more interesting as it combines Western wines with Arabic cuisine.

Le Touareg, Ave Jean Pierre Carsoel 13, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 534 54 00