The Best Cheese Shops In Brussels

The Best Cheese Shops In Brussels
These are the best places in Brussels to buy cheese and some wine to go with it. Whether you’re looking for a unique cheese assortment, or just love all things cheese, visit one of these magnificent shops in the Belgian capital.
Catherine © fromagerie catherine


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Crèmerie de Linkebeek
Crèmerie de Linkebeek | Courtesy of Ayla Sileghem
This small and homey shop can be found close to touristic spots, such as the Grand Place. Catherine has a great assortment of cheeses in store, all guaranteed to be traditionally made. Since 1960, it has conquered the hearts of the Brusselaars, and with good reason: Catherine is a charming woman who always has some time for a friendly chat.
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La Crèmerie de Linkebeek

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Julien Hazard
Julien Hazard | Courtesy of Julien Hazard
The original founder used to stock the store with products from his own farm in Linkebeek, hence the name. Established in 1903, this crèmerie sells a wide variety of cheeses, sandwiches and wines. You can also find some artisanal lemonades in this cozy shop.
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Julien Hazard

Julien Hazard lets the cheese mature to its optimal, delicious taste. Carefully selected, there is also a great choice of wine, traditionally produced cheeses and freshly baked bread. If you have the time, you can order an entire cheese platter for the next day, served on a wooden board — ideal to enjoy with a glass of wine.

Address: 137 Rue Vanderkindere, Brussels, Belgium, +32 432 782 722

lots of cheese choices | Courtesy of Langhendries

Lots of cheese choices | Courtesy of Langhendries


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With more than 200 different kinds of cheeses from all over Europe, Langhendries is the best place to buy something familiar, or try something entirely new. Established immediately after the Second World War, Langhendries has never left its original building. Ever since its founding, it has been present in Brussels, serving unique kinds of cheeses and happily advising customers.
Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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La Crèmerie des Tongres

Dessert Shop, Pastry Shop, Cheesemonger, Belgian, Dessert, Pastries, French
The name of this shop derives from its location, close to Tongeren Street, or the Rue des Tongres. Most of the cheeses are French, though other European cheeses can be found here as well. With its wide range of cheeses, you are sure to find your favorite, along with the best accompanying wine.
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