The Best Cafés & Bars In Anderlecht, Belgium

Le Zazou/Courtesy of Le Zazou
Le Zazou/Courtesy of Le Zazou
Photo of Ana Stambolic
9 February 2017

Anderlecht may not be the most popular neighborhood in Brussels, but that doesn’t mean you should not visit it. The best way to experience and get to know the neighborhood is to do a tour of the bars. Here is a list of the best ones in which you can grab a drink and enjoy with your friends.

Le Zazou

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Le Zazou
Le Zazou | Courtesy of Le Zazou
Le Zazou is not just a bar, it is a pub, art gallery and place where you can attend concerts. This artistic place offers visitors a great atmosphere, yummy food, a varied range of drinks and cool music. The bar is neoteric with artistic decorations, elements from various periods, modern metal lamps and image projections all abound. It also has a lovely garden, where you can enjoy a drink in the summer.

Le Pavillon

Just in front of the Saint Guidon church you will find the lovely tavern Le Pavillon. With its warm terrace and friendly atmosphere, it’s the right place for everyone who wants to relax after a long tour at the nearby Erasmus House and Beguinage. When the sun is shining you can sit on this lovely green terrace and enjoy your coffee or beer.

Le Pavillon, Place de la Vaillance 23, 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels, +32 2 521 20 43

Terrace of Le Pavillon/Courtesy of Le Pavillon

Terrace of Le Pavillon/Courtesy of Le Pavillon

Jack Daniel’s Bar

Jack Daniel’s is a bar that is never closed. Here, everything is in the spirit of the one and only Jack Daniel’s. This is the right place for all enthusiasts of the famous whiskey, but they also serve a varied range of other drinks. Here you can be part of the tavli tournament, play board games and join in the regular Greek parties.

Jack Daniel’s Bar, Chaussée de ninove 550, 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels

Jack Daniel's Bar/Courtesy of Jack Daniel's Bar

Jack Daniel’s Bar/Courtesy of Jack Daniel’s Bar


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BAR BQ cafe
BAR BQ cafe | Courtesy of BAR BQ cafe
Bar BQ Café is a modern brasserie located a few strides from the Midi Station and the Chocolate Museum. In a lovely atmosphere you can enjoy your favorite food and drinks. The menu has beef, chicken, fish and tasty salads, as well as Belgian specialties. Try the Carbonnade Flamande, the quintessential Belgian beer dish. In addition, they also host events with Greek music and food.

Café Bacchus

Bacchus is the Roman name for Dionysus, the god of wine and wine making, of ritual madness, theater and religious ecstasy. This place is all dedicated to him, with wooden interior and interesting drawings of Bacchus, grapes and wine making rituals. So, come and taste a bit of the wine and atmosphere.

Café Bacchus, Rue de Fiennes, 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels, 0487 96 01 10

Cafe Bacchus/Courtesy of Cafe Bacchus

Cafe Bacchus/Courtesy of Cafe Bacchus

Le café du Marché

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Le cafe du Marche
Le cafe du Marche | Courtesy of Le cafe du Marche
This easy-to-miss bar is located a few steps from the Abattoir market. So, if you get tired from shopping and walking through the market, come and take a break in Le café du Marché. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks including beers, vodkas and coffee. With a cold Jupiler in hand you can also play billiards and flippers.