The Best Brunch Spots Near St. Catherine, Brussels

Brunch at Jack O'Shea | Courtesy of Jack O'Shea
Brunch at Jack O'Shea | Courtesy of Jack O'Shea
Around the Place Sainte-Catherine, there’s an interesting neighborhood worth visiting. Not only is the place known as Brussels’s unofficial ‘Chinatown,’ but every street is packed with cozy or bustling restaurants and bars that serve a wide variety of foods and drinks. Here’s our guide to ome of the best brunch venues in the area.

Jack O'Shea Chophouse

Butcher, Pastry Shop, Bakery, Steakhouse, Pastries, Belgian, $$$
Jack O’Shea Chophouse is a butcher that makes a carnivore’s dream brunch: steak, sausages, black pudding, burgers. You can order a huge brunch or attack the buffet. Besides quality meat products, you can also order typical brunch pastries.
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John & Rose

Restaurant, Belgian, $$$
Enjoy brunch and art at John & Rose. This restaurant combines a cute brunch spot with an ongoing art exhibition. You can order salads, sandwiches, and brunch platters with bread, jam, cheese, fruits, and eggs. It’s a quiet place where you can eat in peace while checking out art pieces and enjoying calm piano music.
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Les Filles

Eating at Les Filles is like visiting old friends. It’s owned by a group of girls, hence the name, and the food options are limited. Choose something from the menu or fill your plate at the buffet. Chances are you’ll be sharing your table with complete strangers, but this all adds to the charm of the comfy Les Filles.

Les Filles, 46 Rue Vieux Marché aux Grains, Brussels, Belgium +32 479 17 16 12

Chicago Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Belgian, French, Moroccan, $$$
Chicago Café
Chicago Café | Courtesy of Chicago Café
Don’t hurry for brunch; the breakfast and brunch menu is available all day long at Chicago Cafe. You can order an English, French, Belgian or Moroccan breakfast. Brunch includes beef and salmon options. The cool, concrete interior of Chicago Cafe is softened with vintage and nostalgic elements, making it a modern-looking yet comfy place. There’s also a kid’s corner, in case you bring little ones with you.
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Mer du Nord/Noordzee

Fishmonger, Restaurant, Bar, Bakery, Seafood, Belgian, $$$
Noordzee/Mer du Nord
Noordzee/Mer du Nord | Courtesy of Mer du Nord
La Mer du Nord is a fish bar that has a lot to offer: sandwiches, burgers, soup, or even oysters. This restaurant has a wonderful reputation, and with good reason: the fast but delicious dishes are wonderful and available at reasonable prices. Visit the shop and buy some big fish to fry at home.
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De Markten

Médecine interne by Wang Dong
Médecine interne by Wang Dong | © Wang Dong - Galerie Laurant Rodin / Courtesy of De Markten
The name of this cafe translates to ‘the marketplaces.’ It’s actually a part of a community center, which hosts a number of concerts, markets, and other activities. The cafe fits snugly into this concept, making it a welcoming and sociable place. De Markten believes its terrace underneath is the coziest in Brussels, located between the trees of a lovely square and close to the liveliest neighborhood in the city. It’s a great place to start the day, relax and enjoy the calming atmosphere.
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Big applause for Bravo; it’s a place that celebrates the local Brussels music scene while also creating space to eat and relax. The breakfast option is accompanied by newspapers, so you can feel completely at home while enjoying your coffee. Head back later to catch one of the live concerts.

Bravo, 7 Rue d’Alost, Brussels, Belgium +32 485 94 53 17

Cozy interior at Bravo| Courtesy of Bravo

Cozy interior at Bravo| Courtesy of Bravo

Au Suisse

Sandwich Shop, Belgian, $$$
This Swiss sandwich bar can be found at the heart of Brussels, walking distance from the Place St. Catherine. The breakfast menu offers the classics, and you can’t go wrong — coffee or tea with eggs, sandwiches, or pastries. Even if you’re too late for breakfast, you won’t be disappointed by the wonderful sandwiches: Au Suisse is a very popular lunch spot.
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