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Sleek and modern | Courtesy of Wxyz Bar
Sleek and modern | Courtesy of Wxyz Bar
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The Best Bars In Etterbeek, Brussels

Picture of Ethel Dilouambaka
Updated: 9 February 2017
There are no bars in Etterbeek. You have heard it before or even confessed it yourself out of despair. But we beg to differ. Though this neighborhood may not have as many options as other communes (we are looking at you Ixelles), it still offers valuable options for a nightcap or simply for a long evening with friends. Here is our round-up of bars worth visiting in this area of Brussels.
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13 degrés

Interesting name for a wine bar indeed, as you may or may not know, wine should ideally be served at 13°. With its wood accents and modern vibe, 13 degrés is actually a temple dedicated to the nectar of the gods. It offers a wide variety of wine from all around the world. Feel a bit lost? The friendly staff is there to help find the perfect bottle according to your taste. On top of impeccable service, the food options are delicious and are worth mentioning, especially the Tartare tartine.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-12am

Place Jourdan 49, Etterbeek, Belgium, +32 (0)2 231 10 06

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Chez Bernard

A typical old-style Belgian bar, Chez Bernard is one of these cafés that are simply a place where you can enjoy an afternoon drinking beers and eating fries from Maison Antoine on the square. The humble bar is perfect for a casual date or after-work drinks without hassle or chichi.

Place Jourdan 47, Etterbeek, Belgium

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Bulles de Reims

On the upper side of the bar spectrum in Etterbeek, individuals will find Bulles de Reims. While not a bar, Bulles de Reims is a specialty champagne store with its own tasting area. Offering an impressive selection, the owner Alexandre is always happy to help guests and often organizes tasting sessions and after-work drinks. Simply put, if you want to impress your date, upgrade your usual apéro at a wine bar, or simply treat yourself, go to Bulles de Reims.

Avenue de l’armée 6, Etterbeek, Belgium, +32 (0)2 732 13 88

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The W xyz Bar

The W xyz bar belongs to the Aloft Brussels Schuman and is conveniently located in the European Quarter. The bar is great for mingling and meeting new people while sipping on some refreshing cocktails while enjoying a DJ set or an acoustic gig. Unapologetically chic and buzz-worthy, W xyz bar is a go-to spot for a night out with your friends.

Place Jean Rey 3, Etterbeek, Belgium

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Winery Schuman

Winery Schuman is not technically in Etterbeek but in 1000 Brussels, but it is so close to Etterbeek that we still felt it totally worth making our list. With the success of its older brother in Ixelles, Winery Schuman is another great address for all the wine lovers out there. The place is split between a wine bar and a wine shop and offers a great variety of food to nibble on while enjoying a glass.

Rue Juste Lipse 17, Brussels, Belgium, +32 (0)2 231 69 89

Chez Winery, on aime discuter des goûts et des couleurs 😀 #winelover #wine #vins

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Greece and Belgium have a long love story and Kosmos is the perfect illustration of that love. This cute little bar is a great place to meet your friends before heading to a club, but the atmosphere is so pleasant that you might forget that plan and choose to spend the night here instead. The bar offers a variety of wines and beers, tasty cocktails, and snacks.

Place Jourdan 35, Etterbeek, Belgium

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Beers Bank

Beers Bank is a unique place in Place Jourdan with more than a hundred kinds of beer and with the intention to expand its menu to reach 200 different varieties. Head here to enjoy some delicious drinks in a warm atmosphere. The menu also features a wine and cocktail list.

Place Jourdan 34, Etterbeek, Belgium