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Lively evenings at Café Belga | Courtesy of Café Belga
Lively evenings at Café Belga | Courtesy of Café Belga
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The 10 Best Bars And Cafés In Ixelles, Brussels

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Elsene for the Flemish, Ixelles for the Walloons, this hyperlocal yet international neighborhood shows a part of the capital that is, in some parts, still unexplored by the masses of tourists. Multicultural, bilingual and very, very Brussels, Ixelles is a fantastic neighborhood to discover. So move away from the beaten tourist path, and imagine yourself a local, with a beer in your hand, of course.
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De Valera’s

There’s no pub like an Irish pub. De Valera’s offers traditional Irish cooking and the typical Irish beers and whiskeys. There is always live sports on the television so you won’t miss out on the latest matches. Or you can choose to have a seat with a view on the Place Flagey. Enjoy it with a big pint in hand.

De Valera’s, 17 Place Eugène Flagey, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 2 649 80 54

Les burgers et la Guinennes à tuer

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Karsmakers Coffee House

Located near the European Quarter, Karsmakers Coffee House is, in short, a great place for some excellent morning coffee and a bagel during lunchtime. You can relax on the soft sofas or settle down in the cozy little garden to enjoy a rare sunny day in Brussels. You can even order your lunch or snack in English, the staff speaks it very well.

Karsmakers Coffee House, 20 Rue de Trèves, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 2 502 02 26

Enjoy a Frappuccino in the garden | Courtesy of Karsmakers Coffee House

Enjoy a Frappuccino in the garden | Courtesy of Karsmakers Coffee House

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Le Bar d’Ixelles

The name of this bar literally translates to ‘The Bar of Ixelles’. True to its name, Le Bar d’Ixelles can be found at the center of the Ixelles neighborhood near the cemetery, close to the Free University of Brussels. But don’t think that means it’s dead quiet, Le Bar d’Ixelles organizes theme nights, concerts and nights with live DJs.

Le Bar d’Ixelles, 465 Chaussée de Boondael, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 485 06 18 26

Le Bar d’Ixelles | Courtesy of Le Bar d’Ixelles

Le Bar d’Ixelles | Courtesy of Le Bar d’Ixelles | Courtesy of Le Bar d’Ixelles

Café Belga

Whether you’re after brunch, lunch, or just some coffee, Café Belga has all of this and more. Found at the lively Place Flagey and located within the historic Radio House, this café is laid-back during the day and packed in the evening. The evening live concerts are great, and often you’ll find people dancing inside or on the terrace. The view and atmosphere on the terrace are marvelous by the way, when the weather allows it.

Café Belga, 18 Place Eugène Flagey, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 2 640 35 08

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L’Amère à Boire

The name of this bar translates to ‘the bitter drink’. Not that there’s anything bitter about this bar, it’s the place to be for beer enthusiasts. The large variety of beers, L’Amère à Boire serves about a hundred different kinds, shows the bar’s great love for the national drink. The passion for beers also shows in the selection of fine quality brews. So join the drinking students, the locals and the beer fans on a taste exploration through the Belgian world of hop and brew, close to the Place Flagey.

L’Amère à Boire, 8 Rue du Belvédère, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 488 46 57 86

Back in the land of fries, sandwiches, beer and nice café’s. #canisayhomeyet

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Le Tavernier

Some bars are easily found in city centers, while others are hidden gems in the surrounding neighborhoods. Le Tavernier obviously belongs in the second category. The heated outdoor terrace is a great place to sit at any season, and the many drink options and live concerts will make you want to stay longer. If live music isn’t for you, you can relax on the comfortable sofas of the first floor and watch a sports game on the big screen with the other Brussels residents.

Le Tavernier, 445 Chaussée de Boondael, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 2 640 53 98

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Le Bar à Tapas

Head over to Le Bar à Tapas for some Spanish charm in Brussels. This beautifully decorated restaurant-meets-bar in Ixelles, near the Horta Museum, is a great place to spend your afternoon with a glass of wine. And some Spanish dishes, of course.

Le Bar à Tapas, 412A Chaussée de Waterloo, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 2 538 03 01

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Bar du Marché

Relax close to Place Flagey with a cooled drink on the terrace in the summer and a hot drink inside during winter. Bar du Marché also has some board games for those calm, rainy weekends. The friendly atmosphere and good service make the experience complete. So get settled in one of the comfy chairs and get lost in the multiculturalism that is Ixelles.

Bar du Marché, 12 Place Flagey, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 2 648 31 05

Bar du Marché| Courtesy of Bar du Marché

Bar du Marché | Courtesy of Bar du Marché

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77 Bar

Cozy and lively, an evening at 77 Bar easily turns into a spontaneous party among strangers. Besides having a vibrant ambiance, 77 Bar has a large selection of beers and hosts ‘sport’ events. Not that you’ll do sports at the bar, it’s for the supporters and the fans. 77 Bar is also a bit of a restaurant, you can try out a large variety of dishes and snacks. But what makes this bar really unique is that you can fill up your glass yourself, as there are beer pumps at the tables.

77 Bar, 437 Avenue de la Couronne, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 491 52 70 47

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The go to place for the young, artistic crowd, Flip is a calm café, with a hipster-like atmosphere and a friendly barman, where you can just take it easy with some beer and excellent music, perhaps trying out the pool table. Creative minds come together here in the vintage interior where the art pieces are sometimes on sale. It’s a great place to go when you just want to unwind in a world of art, with beer, of course.

Flip, 40 Chaussée de Boondael, Ixelles, Belgium, +32 475 90 30 72