The 10 Best Restaurants In Oostende, Belgium

Photo of Hanna Clarys
9 February 2017

A charming seaside town located in West Flanders, Oostende‘s coastline is Belgium‘s finest and the city is abundant with great restaurants, seafood bars and top cuisine. Here are our 10 favorites.

North Sea view | © Wolfgang Staudt/Flickr

Belle de Jour

Restaurant, Belgian, European, Vegetarian, $$$
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Always on the lookout for the latest food trends? Then Belle de Jour is the place to go when in Oostende. Offering far more than just the traditional fish and shrimp, this super cool bistro serves bio-food and seasonal dishes, and the long table in the middle just asks for good company and splendid wine.


A unique tavern-restaurant with a menu limited solely to roasted chicken, accompanied by bread, apple compote and mayo, Koekoek is a must-go when in Oostende. Eating half a chicken with your hands (they don’t do cutlery) is just so much better, and the interior of the restaurant reminds you of times gone by, old taverns and giant pints of ale; both delicious and fun.
Address: 38 Langestraat, Oostende, Belgium, +32 59 70 89 70


This restaurant is entirely dedicated to the cardinal of the sea; fresh lobster, in all its forms: with mustard or green peppers, with sherry or without, cooked in saffron or purely natural, anything is possible. This restaurant’s chef is an expert with these incredible creatures, and makes sure every lobster on every plate is juicy, tasty and beautifully cooked and seasoned.
Address: 64 Van Iseghemlaan, Oostende, Belgium, +32 59 50 02 82

Lobster | © Michael/Flickr

Café Botteltje

Pub, Pub Grub, $$$
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Cafe Botteltje
Cafe Botteltje | © Pieter Hens/Flickr
A pub firstly, with a huge assortment of Belgian beers and gin, but also a restaurant with a fine menu as well, Café Botteltje is the most cozy dining spot in Oostende. An enormous fire place lights up the wooden tables and dark-painted walls. The food is also a highlight; potatoes baked in their skins with smoked salmon and shrimps, a cod fillet with a La Trappe sauce or Liège meatballs with fries. This is real Flemish comfort food, and it’s guaranteed to hit the spot.

Toi, Moi et la Mer

A romantic décor combined with great wine and seafood dishes so soft they are melting away on your tongue: what else does one need for a perfect night out? The dimmed lights, scarlet colored roses and the view on an ocean’s sunset match perfectly with the offered dishes, in which you can taste the salt of the sea in every single bite.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

Watch out for: the fish of the day

Address: 68 Albert I Promenade, Oostende, Belgium, +32 59 80 66 13


The Mosselbeurs is a nirvana for mussel addicts. At least 14 different versions of the good old mussel will lift you up; from mussels with white wine or Ricard to mussels with gorgonzola cheese, pancetta and pear. Combined with a surprising choice of whiskey and a stunning décor, the Mosselbeurs is an experience not to be missed when in Oostende.
Address: 10 Dwarsstraat, Oostende, Belgium, +32 59 80 73 10

Histoires d'O

Restaurant, Tapas, Dutch, European, Vegetarian, $$$
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Hot dog
Hot dog | © Merlijn Hoek/Flickr
Histoires d’O is extremely hip, inspiring and vintage. This brasserie attracts young folk with its passion for the old-fashioned while simultaneously leaning towards the modern and comfy. A tapas bar with the most colorful foodie creations, but serving totally awesome burgers, hotdogs and sushi as well, Histoires d’O offers something for everyone. Devour it all on the beautiful terrace overlooking the ocean and the beach, it can’t get any better,

Fort Napoleon

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View from Fort Napoleon
View from Fort Napoleon | © Enidanc/Flickr
Hidden in the sand and the waving dune grass lies Fort Napoleon. A historic, military stronghold now rebuilt as a museum, the fort houses a quality bistro and restaurant as well. Expect a modern interior design fitting its historic location perfectly, with high-level dishes and fabulous deserts.

La Galleria

Restaurant, Belgian, Seafood, European, $$$
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La Galleria
La Galleria | © Pieter Hens/Flickr
Oostende’s smallest restaurant, but also its most charming and yummy, La Galleria is a delight for foodies. Delicious shrimp croquettes, a wide array of daily suggestions and a ravishing lobster mornay, in combination with an excellent service and a splendid location in the middle of the beautiful Ensor Gallery create a must-visit space. Especially pleasant is the separate lounge for a drink in style before and after dinner.