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Savor An English Delicacy, Belgian Style

Savor An English Delicacy, Belgian Style

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Updated: 9 March 2016
Does a fish & chips dinner sound boring to you? What if we told you that there is more than one way to enjoy this traditional dish? Bia Mara offers 50 different styles of this famed English specialty while combining various spices. They also prepare 30 homemade sauces such as lemon & basil or lemon cajun. The menu changes unpredictably since the cook always bases the fish on what he considers to be the most fresh. On top of that, the restaurant is also eco-friendly and serves this delicacy in reusable wooden boxes, which are, by the way, very chic as well.

Bia Mara is the perfect place for a quick dinner and beer with your friends on a Friday night. And as the restaurant states itself, English fish & chips paired with a Belgian beer is a match made in heaven.

📅  Opening hours: Mon – Tue 12am – 2:30pm &  5:30pm – 10:30pm, Fri-Sun 12am – 10:30pm

📍41 Rue du Marche Aux Poulets, Brussels, Belgium 

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