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© Skitter Photo/Stocksnap
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How To Celebrate Halloween In Brussels

Picture of Nana Van De Poel
Updated: 21 December 2016
Despite the fact that Halloween fever only arrived in Brussels a few years ago, the capital has already embraced many a wicked way to celebrate the scariest night of all. Especially great are the diverse options for spooky fun times, from scary movie nights with a horror master to family-friendly treasure hunts.
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Behold Guillermo del Toro’s mesmerizing monsters at Cinematek

Whose movies better to shiver at during a night of universal terror than the Mexican maestro of the macabre? Cinematek is screening two Guillermo del Toro films back to back on Halloween. Kicking off the night of horrors is The Devil’s Backbone, a ghostly tale in which young Carlos ends up in a haunted orphanage. Del Toro has often referred to the intimate film as one of his personal favorites. The main act – because how could it not be – is Pan’s Labyrinth, a wondrous fairy tale steeped in darkness, with monsters as beautiful as they are terrifying.

Monday October 31st, 7pm (The Devil’s Backbone) and 9pm (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Cinematek, Rue Baron Horta 9, Brussels, Belgium, +32

With Pan's Labyrinth Del Toro created a horror fairy tale that has become part of cinephile canon | Courtesy of Cinematek

With Pan’s Labyrinth, del Toro created a horror fairy tale that became part of the cinephile canon | Courtesy of Cinematek

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Take the family on a creepy treasure hunt at the Museum of Fantastic Art

If there’s any place in Brussels monster lover Guillermo del Toro would feel at home in, it’s probably the Museum of Fantastic Art. Filled with oddly shaped skeletons, otherworldly creatures and even a mummy cyclops, it’s the perfect place to go on a spooky exploration as a kid – with mom or dad at a safe distance, of course. The museum has created a riddle specially for the week surrounding Halloween and little heroes who manage to solve the mystery of the lost skulls will earn their official sorcery diploma.

Saturday October 29th – Sunday November 6th, 11am-5pm

Museum of Fantastic Art, Rue Américaine 7, Brussels, Belgium, +32 475 41 29 18

The strangest of creatures have found a Brussels home at the Museum of Fantastic Art | Courtesy of the Museum of Fantastic Art

The strangest of creatures have found a Brussels home at the Museum of Fantastic Art | Courtesy of the Museum of Fantastic Art

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Enter Brux’hell

Brux’hell at the cultural center of Jette has made it a habit to pull out all the stops for Halloween. Every guest is encouraged to don the most eccentric outfit they can think of in order to reel in first prize at the costume contest. You can have the bejesus scared out of you in the haunted house or experience shivers of real-life horror running down your spine when walking through the mini museum of serial killers. Eclectic Belgian bands Thorax and Romano Nervoso will get the party going before the DJ takes over to guide the vampire- and zombie-filled dance floor through the night’s darkest hours. All of this to say that Brussels’ version of hell doesn’t seem too bad.

Monday October 31st, 6:30pm

L’Armillaire (Cultural Center of Jette), Boulevard de Smet de Naeyer 145, Brussels, Belgium,

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Test-drive your costume at the horror parade in Evere

Starting off the Halloween cheer a little early, the cultural center of Evere is inviting all families to get together in their scariest attire ten days before Halloween. After a spooky story the whole group will take to the streets for a horror walk around the neighborhood. It’s the perfect occasion to try out your costume before the big day, to check if your ghost is believable enough or your vampire make-up up to snuff.

Friday October 21st, 6:30pm-9pm

Sint-Vincentiusstraat 30, Brussels, Belgium

After a scary tale the whole costumed group will be taking to the streets for a Halloween walk

After a scary tale the whole costumed group will be taking to the streets for a Halloween walk

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Catch a wicked show at Chez Maman

One for adults only, La Nuit des Mauvaises – or the Night of the Wicked – at Chez Maman is sure to have your eyes rolling out of your sockets. Always a place where you can count on a healthy dose of extravagance, Brussels’ hallmark drag cabaret will be turning up the volume even more on Halloween night. Since maman and her ladies will be possessed by demons and all sorts of other nasty creatures, mortals of the faint kind better steer clear.

Monday October 31st, 11pm

Chez Maman, Rue des Grand Carmes 7, Brussels, Belgium