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Goupil Le Fol | ©IoannaSakellaraki
Goupil Le Fol | ©IoannaSakellaraki
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Goupil Le Fol: Brussels Café Ready For New Ownership

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Updated: 29 September 2016
Described as the quintessential space to enjoy the late night scene in Brussels, the classic Brussels café Goupil Le Fol will soon be looking to enter a new chapter. The current owner Abel is now extending the opportunity for the traditional tavern to be taken over by a new owner; one that is sure to preserve the quirky charm this establishment has long held.

Located near the Grand Place, Goupil Le Fol is known for its eclectic decorations of framed portraits and paintings mixed with other odd trinkets displayed throughout the interior. Between candlesticks decorating the tables and the sound of French tunes playing in the background, the dimly lit tavern exudes a nostalgic feeling that allows visitors to feel as though they’ve entered another era.

Though the change in ownership may be imminent, it is sure that the authentic vibe behind this Belgian café will carry on.