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Award-winning director Fien Troch and the young talent in  her 'Home' cast | © Filip Van Roe/Courtesy of Prime Time
Award-winning director Fien Troch and the young talent in her 'Home' cast | © Filip Van Roe/Courtesy of Prime Time

Director Fien Troch Takes Home Silver Lion In Venice

Picture of Nana Van De Poel
Updated: 12 October 2016
Belgian director Fien Troch has reeled in the ‘Best Director’ title at the Venice Film Festival’s Orrizonti competition. The win guarantees a spotlight on her film Home, as the intimate generational drama is screening in Toronto next.

Troch took home the coveted Silver Lion after her very first visit to the oldest film festival in the world. Home, alongside Brosens & Woodworth’s King of the Belgians, was one of two Flemish films to get selected to Venice’s Orrizonti section. Meaning ‘horizons,’ the prestigious festival’s most important side competition hosted close to 20 films that showcased the newest trends in world cinema.

The Home team at Venice | © Filip Van Roe/courtesy of Prime Time

The Home team at Venice | © Filip Van Roe/Courtesy of Prime Time

Emerging triumphant are Troch and her fourth feature, a tale of clashing generations filmed in and around Brussels. Home possesses all the qualities that have made Troch somewhat of a Belgian art-house darling since her graduation from the Sint-Lukas Art Academy. High degrees of realism and the compelling depiction of troubled child-parent relationships have become benchmarks of her work, with Home notably crawling into the skin of older rebelling teenagers for the first time. Based on a true story and shot in the boxy Academy ratio, the film also signals a departure from Troch’s usual cinematic compositions in favor of a shakier documentary aesthetic.

Home | © Prime Time

Home | © Prime Time

Those following Troch’s journey were already aware that something special was on the horizon when the writer-director bagged the International ARTE Prize for Home’s script at Italy‘s Torino Film Festival in 2014. She did so with her husband and co-writer, Nico Leunen – also the editor of other prestigious Belgian works such as The Broken Circle Breakdown, The Misfortunatesand Troch’s own Kid – who she thanked vehemently on stage at the Palazzo del Cinema on Saturday. In her speech, she praised Leunen for his efforts and his patience, admitting that she can sometimes be a ‘difficult person’ when making films.

Home | © Prime Time

Home | © Prime Time

On top of that, it seems Home’s journey is only just beginning, with Troch and Leunen jetting off to Toronto the morning after the award ceremony. On Tuesday, September 13th, Home will be playing at the TIFF – another doozy of a festival – in the director-focused ‘Platform’ competition. The Silver Lion should at least get the intimate film some more traction amidst big hitters such as Pablo Larraín’s Jacqueline Kennedy biopic Jackie and Bertrand Bonello’s Nocturama.

Home won’t be in Belgian theaters until the beginning of 2017, though its premier is set for Film Fest Gent this October.