The Best Art And Culture Hotels In Brussels

Brussels/ ©Pixabay
Brussels/ ©Pixabay
A city of two languages, Brussels is an enchanting destination where the past and present meet. Whether it is the awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Place, the architectural feat of the Atomium or the plethora of delicious dishes and drinks available, Brussels entices travelers of all interests. We offer a guide to nine standout hotels that provide a unique Brussels experience either through history, design or quirkiness.

Hotel Bloom

In Hotel Bloom, every room is a stunning white canvas featuring a hand-drawn fresco wall, painted by a long list of talented European artists. With this premise, every room offers a unique experience and provides a great reason to visit the hotel again and again. The hotel also features beautiful contemporary design and is located just around the corner from Le Botanique, the iconic cultural and music venue with a history going back to the 18th century.

Métropole Hotel

The bewitching elegance of the Métropole Hotel can be felt as soon as you walk into the lobby: an interior of stunning marble, alluring gold, royal red and sophisticated architecture that highlights the hotel’s wealth of history. Opened by the Wielemans brothers, who originally founded ‘Le Café Métropole’ to promote their family’s brewery, the hotel’s fascinating story dates back to 1890. Preserving the story of this heritage, historian Virginie Jourain has written a book of the hotel’s history, which can be purchased inside. A pioneer in luxury and technology at the time of its opening, the hotel still stands today as one of Brussels’ grandest hotels.

Le Dixseptieme

Located in a prime location between the famous Grand Place and Brussels’ central station, Le Dixseptieme combines grandeur and convenience in the heart of this enchanting city. Majestic four-poster beds, elegant artwork and stunning chandeliers are combined with modern design in the sophisticated interiors of the hotel. Le Dixseptieme also exudes a rich history dating back to the 17th century, when it was the residence of the Spanish Ambassador.

Royal Windsor

Located only moments away from Brussels’ famous Grand Place, Royal Windsor is a short walk from all of the major sites in central Brussels, including Square Congress, Magritte Museum and the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. The mature interiors of the hotel feature furniture designed by top designers, an array of artworks and beautifully orchestrated colour schemes. On the hotel’s roof top terrace guests can enjoy the gorgeous open Brussels skyline and an unbeatable view of the Town Hall building.

Pantone Hotel

With a design based on the concepts of colour science, Pantone Hotel prides itself on awakening its guests’ senses through a thoroughly thought out rainbow of colour. A global icon, Pantone Inc. revolutionised the art and design world with its universal categorisation of colour, allowing specific colours to be reproduced and recognised easily. Pantone Hotel playfully highlights this history through printing the colour codes on some of the bright furniture and decorations. Designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, the Pantone Hotel is a beautiful example of quirky fun meets quality and comfort.

Be Manos

Featuring the work of a list of designers and artists, Be Manos boasts of being the meeting ground of luxury and cutting edge design. Eclectic yet united, every corner of this hotel is filled with striking furniture and décor that will stimulate your senses. Also featuring tranquil wellness rooms where massages can be enjoyed, Be Manos offers an invigorating experience and is only a short walk from the city’s central train station.

Hotel Manos Premier

A grand experience, the interiors of Hotel Manos Premier are decorated with old artworks and astonishing antiques, fused with the comforts of modern design, forming a permanent exhibition of luxury to be enjoyed within. A place of decadence, the hotel features a spa room, beautiful fountains and a private garden. Outside, the great shops of Louise Avenue are close at hand, while the stunning public park of Bois de la Cambre is only a few metro stops away.

Vintage Hotel Brussels

The Vintage Hotel transports its guests back to decades long past with its quirky and retro interior design. Bright wallpapers, vintage lights and stylish furniture that were the height of fashion back in their day fill the hotel, while old Vogue magazines and posters decorate the walls. The most spectacular feature in this hotel however is an experience named ‘glamping’: a vintage Airstream Caravan from 1958 parked in a courtyard of the hotel. Here guests can relive a nostalgic experience with the bonus perks of modernity. A fashion lover’s haven, Vintage Hotel is located just off Avenue Louise, renowned for its great shopping.

Odette en Ville

The original Chez Odette boutique hotel stands near the French/ Belgian border, offering a tranquil environment in one of France’s smallest villages. Odette en Ville brings that same serene aura to the edge of Brussels, creating a rejuvenating sanctuary after an enthralling day of sight seeing in the city. Decorated with designer furniture in a dignified interior of mature greys and textures, every aspect of Odette en Ville unites to revitalise its guests. The hotel’s restaurant serves divine dishes created by head chef Roberto Zanuso.