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The Dardenne brothers are festival favorites, garnering prizes left and right for about twenty years | © Raffi Asdourian/Flickr
The Dardenne brothers are festival favorites, garnering prizes left and right for about twenty years | © Raffi Asdourian/Flickr

Dardenne Brothers To Shoot Terrorism-Themed Film

Picture of Nana Van De Poel
Updated: 6 January 2017
Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne will be tackling the subject of European terrorism in their next film. The lauded director duo, currently in the midst of writing the script, hopes to start shooting the yet untitled drama in their home country by the fall of 2017.

The news was revealed by Luc Dardenne himself at the Lima Film Festival, Variety reports. The esteemed filmmaker and his brother Jean-Pierre were being honored at the 20th edition of the Latin American festival for their outstanding work.

A look at what was on the program – classics such as L’enfant, Rosetta, and La promesse – was a reminder that the Dardenne modus operandi is again at work in this new project by focusing on society’s fringes once more. Should the handheld camerawork we’ve come to expect persist, the sense of urgency marking most Dardenne flicks could potentially reach new heights given the topical subject matter.

Dardenne also had loving words in store for Marion Cotillard, star of the brothers’ second-to-last film, Two Days, One Night. Cotillard, who bagged a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards for her performance as a young mother and factory worker who scrambles to save her job over the course of a nerve-racking weekend, was praised for the extraordinary work ethic she showed in preparing for the role.

Besides re-editing their own latest effort The Unknown Girl (a first real jab at a detective story) for theatrical release, the Dardennes are also heavily involved in the production side of many other projects. In a brothers-to-brothers cooperation, the two are co-producing Carnivore, the Renier duo’s feature debut. Jérémie Renier, a seemingly ubiquitous Belgian actor who pops up in the cult hit In Bruges and stars in a number of Dardenne movies, has joined forces with brother Yannick to tell the story of a woman who dreams of living her sister’s life instead of her own.

Upping their support and guidance of young Walloon helmers even further, the Dardennes have also signed on to co-produce Drôle de Père (or Funny Dad), Amélie Van Elmbt’s second feature outing after Headfirst. Martin Scorsese, who handed Van Elmbt the Best Young Director Award at New York’s 2014’s First Time Fest, holds the US distribution rights to the former.