Bookalokal: The New Way To Dine And Drink

Bookalokal Table Setting | © Bookalokal
Bookalokal Table Setting | © Bookalokal
Photo of Bridgette Gottwald
3 November 2016

Before reading this article, you may find yourself wondering, what is Bookalokal and how has it become so popular? For anyone passionate about food, drink and travel, Bookalokal is definitely worth learning about when planning your next dining experience. We will give you the scoop, explain how it works and how to become involved.

What is Bookalokal?

Bookalokal was launched in Brussels in 2013 and now has hosts in 46 countries. It is a global social dining group that serves as a fun way for people to connect through food and beverage all around the world. The guests of Bookalokal feature travelers, locals or even people settling into a new city. The hosts of Bookalokal are those who enjoy meeting new people and sharing their homes as well as their passion for food through a scheduled dining experience. Bookalokal also uses unique venues as locations for group dinners, birthday parties, business dinners, or reunions! Its users can host their dining services in a variety of places, ranging from a city apartment or townhouse to a small café, as long as it’s independently owned and run by the host. On the other hand, guests pay between $30 and $50 to plunge into the local food culture, creating an unforgettable experience.

Filip Balancing Small Plates | ©Bookalokal

How does it work?

Bookalokal allows you to search for the type of host you want, what kind of food you desire and/or dining experience and book it – easy as that! When a host decides to create a scheduled dining experience, they pick a date as well as the minimum and maximum number of guests they want to entertain. The spots for this opportunity are featured on a first come, first served basis, so if you are interested, you must make your move quickly! Hosts are also able to create unscheduled dining experiences, which means guests can request an experience on the date that works best for them. You also can have the choice of requesting it to be a dining experience just for you or with other guests included as well!

Dining with Calva in Brooklyn, New York | ©Louis David Photography

Customize your dining experience

Bookalokal events provide vastly unique and authentic experiences enabling you to taste all different kinds of food, from many different cultures, prepared by people from all over the world. You are able to easily have it your way as you can choose from one of the ‘top cities’ or search for where you desire to eat.

Unique and unforgettable gourmet dining experience thorough Bookalokal | ©Louis David Photography

Whether you are interested in a five-course tasting menu, learning how to roll your own sushi, or participate in a champagne tasting, Bookalokal has you covered. Guests to Bookalokal are given the opportunity to specify exactly what they are looking for. If you aren’t a decisive person, and would rather someone else choose for you, no problem. You can take advantage of Bookalokal’s concierge service and let everything they have to offer come to you!

Scrumptious chocolate dessert through Bookalokal | ©Louis David Photography

Need to know more?

Interested, but finding that you still want to know more? Before committing to Bookalokal or signing up, you can look into all of the different hosts they feature and see what they have to offer in its most popular cities. Not only does it introduce you to the hosts, but it tells you about them, what type of food they like to cook, and what they are passionate about.

Engaging in a Bookalokal dining experience is also a great way to be a part of stimulating new conversations, meet new people and friends, and share your passion of food and beverage with others who are just as excited as you about what they eat and drink – a common ground for foodies. Bookalokal boasts positive publicity as it is featured in The Washington Post, Elle, Forbes, and more. It would be logical to compare Bookalokal to the UberX of restaurants, as talented cooks are able to host their own events. It gives tourists a chance to live the way locals do, while the locals are given a chance to make some extra income – a win-win situation.

Sometimes, you can’t always get exactly what you want in a restaurant, but with Bookalokal, you have the opportunity to choose exactly what you want for a dining experience or to fuel your desire for something new. Enjoy your own personal cooking show and stay within the hottest travel trends as you indulge in an upscale fine-dining experience for a great value.

Top notch dinner party with Iria & Els in St. Catherine! | © Photography Courtesy of Damien Milan

There is more to Bookalokal than fine-dining experiences – you can also take cooking classes, participate in wine tastings or workshops, food tours, and have a wide range of options for food-related activities. This also showcases the importance of incorporating a shared dining experience in a local atmosphere, which is changing the way tourists travel the globe and how individuals can enrich their experience in new places. You surely won’t regret capitalizing on your chance to meet people from far and wide, seeing all they have to offer in their local food and beverage cultures.

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