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Avalon | Courtesy of Avalon
Avalon | Courtesy of Avalon
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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Ghent, Belgium

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Ghent has been called the ‘vegetarian capital of Belgium.’ With an official ‘veggie day’ (every Thursday) and a wide variety of vegetarian restaurants, the whole town is a haven for vegetable lovers, and we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 vegetarian restaurants that will guide you through the city.
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Tuin van Eten

The name of this restaurant translates to ‘Garden of Eating.’ If you love the pun, you’ll love the restaurant even more, because Tuin van Eden is a paradise of vegetarian cuisine. Whether you want something very healthy or a simple veggie burger with fries, you can’t go wrong here. If the weather is nice, grab a seat in their cozy backyard.

Address: 573 Kortrijksesteenweg, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 245 54 66

Tuin van Eten | Courtesy of Tuin van Eten

Tuin van Eten | Courtesy of Tuin van Eten | Courtesy of Tuin van Eten

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De Appelier

A perennial Ghent favorite, even non-vegetarians like to have lunch here. De Appelier is a friendly, cozy restaurant where you can always get an uncomplicated yet delicious meal. The menu changes with the seasons, and the portions are always generous.

Address: 47 Citadellaan, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 221 67 33

De Appelier | Courtesy of De Appelier

De Appelier | Courtesy of De Appelier | Courtesy of De Appelier

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Lekkere Gec

For teatime, lunch and dinner, Lekkere Gec is the ideal spot to enjoy some organic food. You can try out their buffet or just settle in with some tea and cake. At the buffet you pay by weight, not plate, which allows you to eat your fill without wasting food. The restaurant is also beloved for its soy milkshakes and ice cream.

Address: 6 K. Maria Hendrikaplein, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 242 87 50

Lekkere Gec | Courtesy of Lekkere Gec

Lekkere Gec | Courtesy of Lekkere Gec

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De Groene Waaier

This cute little cafe is easily overlooked. Hidden in a basement near the Gent-Sint Pieters station, it can be hard to find, but once you do, this restaurant is certainly worth it. The chef, Karin, creates magical cuisine with spices and creative combinations, and she also offers vegetarian cooking classes for the veggie enthusiasts.

Address: 25 Schoonmeersstraat, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 329 39 80

De Groene waaier | Courtesy De Groene Waaier

De Groene waaier | Courtesy De Groene Waaier | Courtesy De Groene Waaier

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Tasty World

If you’re craving burgers, Tasty World serves a different kind of burger made with multigrain bread and fresh ingredients that are, of course, 100 per cent vegetarian. The burgers are accompanied with home made juice and smoothies, and you can also try soup, salads, or their fresh buffet.

Address: 1 Hoogpoort, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 225 74 07

tasty World | Courtesy of Tasty World

Tasty World | Courtesy of Tasty World

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This is a lunch spot that will make you hungry for more. Avalon is an organic, vegetarian restaurant with lots of local products, and its goal is to create delicious food that is healthy and doesn’t damage the earth. If you want a taste of good, local food, look no further.

Address: 32 Geldmunt, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 224 37 24

Avalon | Courtesy of Avalon

Avalon | Courtesy of Avalon

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For a great lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong at Komkommertijd. Their all you can eat buffet won’t leave you hungry, and provides the perfect opportunity to try something new. With its no-nonsense atmosphere and wonderfully diverse cuisine, you’re sure to have a great time.

Address: 14 Reep, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 269 02 10

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De Zuidkant

The interior of this restaurant is welcoming and friendly, and on sunny days, you can also eat in their cozy garden. De Zuidkant is a vegetarian restaurant that uses organic and local products, and don’t forget to try some of their organic beers while you’re there. There are also vegan options on the menu and the buffet.

Address: 156 Frederik Burvenichstraat, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 223 72 35

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The name of this tearoom-restaurant literally means ‘local,’ and true to its name, it’s situated in the center of the city with a relaxed atmosphere that suits Ghent perfectly. Lokaal also incorporates as many local products as possible in its wonderful meals. Besides enjoying the great food, you can also take part in their workshops or ask them any ecological questions you might have regarding food.

Address: 100 Brabantdam, Gentbrugge, Belgium, +32 477 19 95 44

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De Walrus

The quaint humor of this pub, there are old pictures of mustached men everywhere, adds to its comfortable and casual atmosphere. Though the pub isn’t strictly vegetarian, there are always well-prepared vegetarian and vegan options served in generous portions. The ‘meal of the day’ is also often vegetarian and vegan. You can enjoy your meal with some local beer and stay late to see some live bands, it’s still a pub, after all.

Address: 497 Coupure Links, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 279 38 48