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Keeping it healthy and wholesome at Ma Ferme en Ville | Courtesy of Ma Ferme en Ville
Keeping it healthy and wholesome at Ma Ferme en Ville | Courtesy of Ma Ferme en Ville
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The Best Lunch Places In Liège, Belgium

Picture of Nana Van De Poel
Updated: 9 February 2017
With its wide array of local specialties, the Belgian city of Liège is the proud host of a thriving foodie scene. From the famous gaufre liégeoise to American-style burgers and wholesome healthy-hipster dishes, these places have got you covered for lunch.
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Ma Ferme en Ville

If you want to get a taste for local produce, Ma Ferme en Ville works exclusively with ingredients that are produced within a 50-kilometer radius. Wholesome to its core, a dish at this cozy cantine-style restaurant is unfailingly seasonal, so you can forget about eating tomatoes in winter. Ma Ferme’s suppliers are all artisans or smaller companies with a sincere passion for food, which is why everything on the menu is completely transparent and you can buy the ingredients on your plate in the adjacent restaurant too. On Sundays you can choose between a healthy lunch, or a wholesome brunch.

Ma Ferme en Ville, Rue Souverain Pont 34, Liège, Belgium +32 04 222 16 60

If you like what your tastebuds have been treated to at Ma Ferme en Ville, the eatery also has a shop where you can take home all the ingredients and try the dish yourself | Courtesy of Ma Ferme en Ville

Treat your tastebuds at Ma Ferme en Ville, and take home the ingredients from their eatery too | Courtesy of Ma Ferme en Ville

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With its stellar reputation, Enoteca has fast become Liège’s resident go-to restaurant for Mediterranean flavors. Diners are offered a choice 2 or 4 lunch courses but there’s only one menu, a fact that is indicative of a chef wholly confident in his abilities. Add to that an open kitchen and a limited amount of ingredients and you know that Thierry Bedeur is a true artist with food.

Enoteca, Rue de la Casquette 5, Liège, Belgium +32 04 222 24 64

The Huggy’s Bar

With a name that sounds like a kid’s stuffed animal, a wide array of beers and the best burgers in town, Huggy’s Bar has become such a phenomenon in Liège that it recently opened another venue in the city. As it stands you’re sure to find the flavour you’re looking for among their 43 different burgers, whether it’s American-inspired (the Boston Tea Party burger or Dallas Burger), European-flavoured (the Little Italy or Greco Burger), or a majestic triple whopper called the THB Tower 3×3.

The Huggy’s Bar, Passage Lemonier 22, Liège, Belgium +32 04 223 29 70

The Huggy’s Bar, Boulevard d’Avroy 122, Liège, Belgium +32 04 262 93 39

The original 3x3 at The Huggy's Bar is a meat lover's dream come true | courtesy of The Huggy's Bar
The original 3×3 at The Huggy’s Bar is a meat lover’s dream come true | courtesy of The Huggy's Bar
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La Roussette de Savoie

A great lunch experience often goes hand in hand with an original idea, like starting up a restaurant that revolves around the art of a good mountain dish for example. The wooden furniture, checkered table cloths and all-around coziness at La Roussette de Savoie will give you the impression you’re off on a ski holiday with the family, dipping your food into a cheesy fondue.

La Roussette de Savoie, Rue des Célestines 12, Liège, Belgium +32 04 221 08 21

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Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in Liège, find yourself une gaufre liégeoise with cinnamon and chunky caramelized chunks of sugar in the center. Not to be confused with its lighter counterpart from Brussels (known as the ubiquitous Belgian waffle), Liège likes its traditional street treat somewhat doughier, making for the perfect comfort food on a rainy Belgian day. You can find these snacks anywhere in the city, though one of the better places to check out is the delightful little bakery Une gaufrette Saperlipopette.

Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette, Rue des Mineurs 7, Liège, Belgium +32 04 93 57 58 69

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Restaurant de l’Opéra

The familiar ‘dinner and a play’ formula has been given a run for its money in Liège. The Royal Opera of Wallonia has relinquished its ravishing foyer to ‘les Chefs Traiteur’ to offer you the chance to experience ‘lunch and an opera’ instead. A wide variety of small creative dishes awaits under golden chandeliers, inviting diners to mix and match at will. Whether you’re just there for the food or plan to catch a performance after, this is an irrefutably divine setting for a meal.

Restaurant de l’Opéra, Place de l’Opéra 1, Liège, Belgium +32 0499 42 42 62

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Grand Maison

A fresh face in town but already one of the most fashionable addresses for brunch and lunch, Fanny and Céline’s coffeebar embodies the hipster-chic vibe we’ve come to know so well. Coffee is a holy morning ritual for these two ladies in charge, and they happily order their favourite beans in from Ghent to make the black gold that fills each exquisitely made cup. Grand Maison’s kitchen is, contrary to what the name might have you believe, small, simple and healthy, and the roomy terrace offers a lovely setting with the sounds of Liège’s river in the background.

Grand Maison, Quai de la Goffe 37, Liège, Belgium +32 0484 47 79 93

Fanny and Céline have created a home away from home with great coffee and lunch on the Liège waterside | courtesy of Grand Maison

Fanny and Céline have created a home away from home with great coffee and lunch on Liège’s river | Courtesy of Grand Maison

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Punto e Pasta

Long travels around the world have made Fabrizio Brunello acquainted with many flavour pairings, yet the Italian kitchen of his youth remains his steadfast favourite. The chef shares his passion for the uncomplicated Italian way of cooking at Punto e Pasta, where he keeps the dishes simple in order to let the quality ingredients shine.

Punto e Pasta, Rue Saint-Gilles 2, Liège, Belgium +32 04 262 62 04

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Grand Café de la Gare

With its resplendent futuristic arches and rush-hour commuters, The Saint-Guillemins station doesn’t exactly scream tranquil lunch spot. Yet stepping into its Grand Café de la Gare is an entirely different story, one in which chef Erick Lamarre, previously known from La Parmentière, calmly introduces you to the rich Walloon kitchen.

Grand Café de la Gare, Gare des Guillemins 20, Liège, Belgium +32 04 222 43 59